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29 March 2021

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29 March 2021

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Capra_Chris.JPGTerm 1 finishes this week with most of the students submitting assessment items and sitting end of unit exams. Thursday is a standard day of school with lessons as normal except for Years 10 and 12 who are on exam block shut down. School recommences on Monday 19 April. 

It has been great to witness this term the return of subject specific camps, excursions and sports after close to a year of extra-curricular shut down. The students have generally demonstrated a high level of effort and behaviour throughout the term. Term 2 will see the next GC5 Sports Gala Day, ANZAC Day assembly and other additional activities.

When school recommences, the expectation is that students will be in full school uniform including being compliant with the school’s expectations are jewellery. Page 8, which is titled Uniform Code, in the Student Diary outlines the expectations for how the school uniform is to be worn and what jewellery is allowed. The students have been made aware that when school returns, we will be expecting their appearance to be consistent with the Uniform Code. Please ensure that your students remove excess jewellery before the commencement of Term 2.

The Link & Launch Program which is aimed at assisting former Year 12 students from 2019 and 2020 to successfully transition into employment or education has started with significant success. Elaine has already assisted over 64 students. Elaine’s main support strategies so far have included; sourcing apprenticeships, writing up Resumes and CVs, securing places at Southern Cross University and finding jobs. If you would like to access Elaine’s services, please ring 0467 951 239 or email

Vaping continues to be a trending issue for most schools, including PBC at present. The Year 7 to 9 students have had assemblies which (1) educated them on the harm of vaping as presented by Youth and Drug / Alcohol Counsellor (2) discussed peer pressure and (3) outlined the Student Code of Conduct and probable consequence of using and / or distributing vaping products. 

Enjoy the school holidays,

Chris Capra
Executive Principal

CRICOS Provider Name: The Queensland Department of Education trading as Education Queensland International (EQI) CRICOS Provider Number 00608A 

At the time of publication, all of our Senior students have completed their first round of assessment for the year. For our Year 10's and 12's, the first round of Exam Shutdown in Week 10 provides an opportunity for students to be assessed on their hard studies thus far. For our Year 11's, in what is a packed schedule, they continue with classes in Week 10 after recently completing their very first assessment block in their senior subjects. On behalf of all staff, congratulations to our students on your efforts in what can be a daunting time. We look forward to celebrating your results.

In terms of report cards, Year 11 reports will be sent home this week. Year 10 and 12's first report cards for the year will be sent home in Week 2 of Term 2. Please discuss your child's results with them.

Our Senior students have also participated this term in the 2021 roll-out of the Growing Good Humans program. This program, designed by Tommy Herschell from Find Your Feet, as well as our fabulous staff Anna Wyatt and Paul Bullpitt, is a program at the forefront nationally in schools - encouraging our students to have open communication regarding their mental health, societal pressures and impacts of schooling on their young lives. We'd like to thank all families for their support of this program and to all students for their commitment to becoming better versions of themselves.

Vape Pens

Recently our school, like many others has experienced an increase in students bringing 'vape pens' to school. Parents are to be reminded that these pens are illegal to both purchase and possess in Queensland and clearly breach our PBC Student Code of Conduct. These are dangerous items with severe health consequences and place the safety of every student firmly at risk if bought on to school grounds. All students have been addressed in assemblies regarding the clear expectations, consequences and health risks of these devices.

Parents are encouraged to know what is in a students bag, jacket and shorts/skirts. Teachers have been requested to prohibit movement of students in/out during class time and the playground is strictly monitored. Students are aware that evidence of possession, selling or indeed smoking of vapes either on school grounds, in school uniform or if students can be identified as PBC students will result in suspension and other disciplinary consequences. All information presented to the school regarding sales of this item by any community link will be passed on to the Queensland Police Service.

Year 12 Movie Night 

A huge thankyou to the Student Council and for the 150 Year 12 students who gave up their Monday evening to attend the first Year 12 event of the year, Movie Night. Students enjoyed lounging around in the Library, chocolate raffles and raising money for charity.


Year 10 and 12 students are currently completing shutdown exams in Week 10 of term (March 29 to April 1). The timetable for senior assessment and the school assessment policy has been published on the school website:

Students can also download a copy on the school’s K drive under curriculum.

All students need to be aware of the date, room and time of their scheduled exam. During shutdown students only have to attend school for scheduled exams or study sessions.

All assessment tasks are due at 9:00am on the due date not during class time. Students who are absent for an exam will need to provide a medical certificate and apply for a change of date with their HOD on the next day they are at school. Similarly students who are applying for an extension or special consideration will need to download an extension/change of date form from the school website and submit to their relevant Head of Department at least 48 hours before the due date.

Year 11 students have timetabled classes all of Week 10 (29 March to 1 April) and will have their next assessment items due at the end of Unit 1 in Week 4 and 5 of next term (13 to 18 April).

Other senior schooling news:

Year 10s and 11s are  encouraged to register for School based traineeships and apprenticeships (SAT) in Y block. A SAT will give students paid employment, work experience and a Certificate 3 qualification which gains extra QCE credits, but also opens up a tertiary pathway. Please contact Ms Shreeve in Y block for more information.

Students in Year 10 are reminded that their academic performance in Year 10 Semester 1 will determine which pathway they can choose in Year 11. Students wishing to complete an ATAR pathway need to achieve Bs in English and Maths. Students wishing to study a senior science course in Year 11 and 12 also need to achieve a B in Year 10 Science.

Any current Year 11 and 12 student interested in completing a Diploma of Business in the school holidays (10 days over the April, June and September holidays) should contact Mr McDougall in Y block. This is the last opportunity students have to complete this course before it transitions to a new training package and an 18 month time frame.

The Gold Coast Trades College is conducting a Trades and Careers Expo on 21 April (Wednesday Week 1 of Term 2). Any students interested in attending should register with Ms McQueen in G block ( ).

Any Year 12 students interested in completing a White Card course on Wednesday 31 March (when most will have finished assessment). Please see Ms Shreeve in Y block. The course is at the Gold Coast Trades college at Currumbin and costs $65. Students must wear steel cap boots.

Any Senior student interested in accessing free online lecture with ATAR Notes (external provider) in the April holidays should contact Ms Golding in the library or register via the ATAR Notes Lectures link.

2021 Next Step survey

The Queensland Government is conducting its annual statewide survey of all students who completed Year 12 in 2020. The Next Step survey is a brief, confidential survey that gains a comprehensive picture of the employment, study and life choices made by Queensland school completers in the year after they finish Year 12.

Between April and June, all our students who completed Year 12 last year can expect to receive instructions to complete a web-based survey or a telephone call from the Queensland Government Statistician’s Office. Please encourage them to take part. If their contact details have changed, please assist the interviewer with their updated details or forward the survey to their new address so they can participate.

Thank you for your support of the Next Step survey in 2021. Further information on Next Step, including results from previous years, is available online at or on toll free telephone 1800 068 587.

Study Skills Strategies

Chunk & Chew information

By breaking information into bite-sized ‘chunks’ and providing an opportunity to process (‘chew’) the learning helps to make meaning clear but also assists in moving it from working memory to long-term memory. The process of chunking and chewing information can be used in the delivery process but can also be used when engaging in study. By grouping information to study into manageable sections and allocating time to processing the information will help students to consolidate meaning and make it more easily accessible for retrieval later. 

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Reports will be out soon for Term 1 work and so it’s a key time to reflect with your child on the efforts that they are putting in at school each day and on their ‘at home’ tasks and assignment work. Questions to ask them, as a good place to start are;

  • Do they think they are putting in their best each lesson and all lesson?
  • What is getting in the way of them doing their best?

Term 1 Reports are interim reports, giving grades to indicate your student’s academic progress as well as their effort and behaviour in each subject. If you do not have an email address registered at PBC, then a Report will be mailed home.

Parent interviews are on in Week 3 (11, 12 and 13 May) and I would encourage you to meet with your child's teachers to work together to get the best outcomes for them. 

Along with reflecting on this completed term it's also the time to set some goals for the new term and what actions will be needed to achieve them. I ask our teachers and our students to challenge themselves in this goal setting as it’s from discomfort and pushing ourselves that great growth will come.


In Week 4 and 5 our Year 7 and 9s will be sitting NAPLAN exams, these exam results are used by our English and Maths teachers to tailor programs to continue to build on the literacy and numeracy skills as the students move on to the next year level. At PBC we also value these tests as research has shown that they are the best indicator of future academic success. We are encouraging students to follow our motto of doing their best when it comes to these exams. Our staff and those at the primary schools have been working on building the skills needed for these exams for years but there are little things that can be done in these last few weeks.

Exams are one of those times in life where we have to prepare for our best performance a bit like a job interview or a grand final. Yes there is stress in these moments and it’s important to talk to your child and share how you manage yourself in a situation where you have to bring your best performance. Other factors that will help, that as a parent you can support them with, will be getting enough sleep, eating healthily, doing some physical activity and not over scheduling them in the lead up.

This year the tests are spread out over two weeks from Tuesday 11 May to Thursday 20 May, students will be sitting the following:

  • Language Conventions 40 minutes
  • Writing 65 minutes
  • Reading 45 minutes
  • Numeracy 65 minutes

Students will sit these during timetabled English classes, with their teacher, in the room that they would usually have English. NAPLAN this year will be completed online as adaptive tests and so there is no need to timetable them all to be done at the same time.

Should your child be absent for any of the tests, they will be provided with a catch-up session on Friday 21 May 2021.

Students require their school laptops charged for the day as usual and a pair of headphones. They will also need a pen or pencil for use on their scribble paper.

All parents of Year 7 and 9 students should have received a letter (sent as an email attachment) concerning NAPLAN and parents of students supported by the Inclusive Practices Department should also have had separate contact from DP Tammy Burns.

National Day of Action Against Bullying

Our students are aware of Stymie, an app that allows them to immediately and anonymously report bullying; this app empowers our students to take positive action against bullying immediately.

Head Lice

Just for your information we have had families that have indicated that head lice are around so if you are able to check and treat your child if effected that would be recommended.

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Koala’s in Crisis Camp- 12 Geography


During Week 5 of this term, Year 12 geography students spent a two-day excursion in Jacobs Well studying potential threats that decrease koala populations in the area.  

Day 1 saw an early start to the day arriving at school before 7:00am to catch a 45min bus trip to Jacobs Well Educational Centre. Due to heavy traffic on the way up, it was a speedy start to begin field work so bags were quickly chucked into cabins and we, as a group, went over the plan for the day. Split into two groups, students spent their first day either collecting field work at two locations; Colman Road Reserve and Gainsborough Greens or spending the day on South Stradbroke Island learning about Indigenous culture and studying sand dune structure.  

Students who were conducting field work had the opportunity to study a variety of aspects in each forest including tree species, tree canopy, forest floor vegetation and animal species. One group was lucky enough to spot a snake hidden in a grass shrub. They were also able to find evidence of koala occupancy in some trees as koala droppings were found on the forest floor. Although it was a great experience collecting data for assignments, most if not all students can agree that the mosquitoes were definitely out in force.  

Luckily enough for the rest of the students, the South Stradbroke Island trip was a cruisy catamaran ride to Couran Cove which used to be Indigenous land that was said to be blown up after European settlement. Students learnt how to ignite fires with tree bark and learnt the importance of certain tree and plant species. A journey to Tipplers Island saw the studying of sand dunes and how vegetation, sand particles and even wind intensity changes from the beachfront further down inland. This was followed by some free time where students could further explore Tipplers Island or go for a swim.  

Across the two days, students also had the opportunity to sit around the campfire and roast marshmallows as well as going on a night koala sighting and experience a reptile show.  

It was a great two days for all and the data we collected will be extremely useful for our assessment.

Lola Sope - Year 12 Geography Student

It has been a wonderful start to the year for our Creative Arts Excellence students and teachers!

Here is a snapshot of what we’ve been up to…

For Year 9 and 10 Drama Excellence Junior Drama Club, our first cluster was such a treat! We engaged in some drama immersive activities focussing on improvisation techniques, then went on a mindfulness walk, followed by a visualization “forest walk” relaxation exercise to still and focus our creative minds. We completed the day with a workshop on improvisational techniques and skills and performed our group scenes in front of the class. Overall, the day was a huge success. We have many more fantastic opportunities for these students coming up including trips to the theatre and workshops on physicalising character.

It has been an incredibly busy term with the Senior CAX Drama Excellence program engaging in many internal and external ventures. Earlier this term the 11 and 12 Drama Excellence class travelled to Brisbane Metro Arts Centre to view an exciting new play 'Rising'. Chaperoned by Mr Sarasola and Ms McGlynn, the students had the chance to watch an exciting debut theatre piece and dip their toes into the contemporary theatre scene once more! Internally, students have been working to produce physical theatre works, with auditions for the 2021 Drama Festival well underway.

The first cluster day saw a variety of students from the Visual Arts Excellence program from Years 8 through to 12 engage in a range of drawing workshops. We began with a 2 hour life drawing workshop where students were guided through the process of drawing a life model, learning how to be free and observant with their drawing while experimenting with different materials. We finished the day with a 2 hour session that allowed the students to transform their life drawings into a large mixed media artwork. All students were wonderfully engaged in the workshops and the level of skill was outstanding. 

Dance Excellence students have had many enriching opportunities throughout Term 1 including workshops with guest choreographers and PBC’s first cluster day. Students in Years 8, 9 and 11/12 Dance Excellence have had the honour of working with the very talented dancer/choreographer Kira Stray. Meanwhile, students in Year 7 have had the dedicated PBC alumni Mackenzie Jade choreographing their Eisteddfod routine. Year 10’s were the last group to get started on their routine, but were lucky to have the much-loved Heidi Jennings as their guest teacher. Furthermore, successful auditionees spent a whole day on Sunday 7 March learning a new hip-hop routine with Nick Robertson and Kira Stray. This is PBC’s first hip-hop super team and students are very excited to be involved. Many students also participated in the dance specific cluster day focused on fitness. Dancers started their day at Palm Beach Parklands where they participated in fun beach games and interval training on the sand. Students had a picnic lunch and then walked over to the Palm Beach Aquatic Centre. The lucky groups rotated through 3 x 45-minute classes included Deep Water Running, Spin and HIIT. The day concluded with a refreshing swim and free time in the pool (well-deserved after a hot and tiring day in the sun).

We are so excited for The Working Musicians Program to be running again at PBC this year. Music Excellence students have been working hard on their auditions and re-entry to the program, preparing for intensive workshops to begin next term. This is a fantastic opportunity for excelling music students to be part of, which aims at empowering and equipping young artists, so that they are able to make their start in the music industry as thriving, independent artists. With a wide range of professional experiences planned for this year, students will be provided with real world knowledge as they write, record, release and perform their original music. We invite you to stay tuned for the announcement of another very special ‘Gig Night 2021’, to be held in a professional music venue, where students will showcase their stage craft and artistry at the end of the year.

For our first GC5 cluster day, Music Excellence students were fortunate enough to be visited by award winning local musician Karl S. Williams. His intimate performance of blues and folk was followed by a question and answer session. Students had the opportunity to quiz Karl on all aspects of the music industry including performing, songwriting and the creative process. Some students then showcased their own original compositions and Karl provided some insights into their performances. For our next cluster day, we will venture up to the Queensland Conservatorium of Music at South Bank. This will give students an insight into tertiary level music study and the opportunities available at the Conservatorium. The visit will include a tour of the facilities, an information session and live performances by Conservatorium students.

Dani McGlynn
HOD The Arts, Creative Arts Excellence Coordinator

HPE assessment and reporting term 1:

The table below identifies what assessment and task each subject will be reported on in Term 1. 

Year level


Assessment task/s



Exam + physical performance in track and field



Physical performance in swimming



Health brochure


Health and wellbeing

Multimodal presentation


HPE extension

Digital performance folio



Multimodal + physical performance (aquathlon)


Fitness and Recreation

Workbook modules + physical performance (volleyball)


Health and Psychology




No report as assessment not yet submitted


Physical Education

Exam + physical performance (tennis)



No report as assessment not yet submitted


Sport and Recreation

No report as assessment not yet submitted



Unit 3 assignment + exam


Physical Education

Unit 3 assignment + folio



Unit 3 data test + experiment report


Sport and Recreation

Unit 3 physical performance (beach games + surfing)

As we come to the end of Term 1 we reflect on the great effort put in place as Clontarf students take on new academics responsibilities and adventures. We are sure you have watched our young men with excitement about school and Clontarf with joy.

We express our appreciation to the families who joined us on our first family breakfast this year along with your continued support of the program and advocacy. We look forward to continuing to build strong relationships with you all.

We also are grateful for the tireless efforts of our teachers who have once again gone above and beyond to give our students every possible chance at reaching new heights with their education. The extra effort and time given up to help the students of PBC Clontarf is nothing short of amazing.

Successful camps this term with the Year 9 and 10 PBC Clontarf Rugby League team winning their second regional carnival in Warwick. Our Year 7’s had a fantastic induction camp in Toowoomba joining Warwick Academy and Wilsonton for afternoon sport, dinner and morning training. Unfortunately with heavy rain impacting both the Year 8 and 11 camps we look to Term 2 for their turn. Led by our Employment Officers Jordan Atkins - We have had great partnership interactions with Woolworths, Kmart and BMD along with local businesses such as Surfing Australia High Performance Centre Kingscliff and universities meeting with our Academy.

Anthony Mitchell
Clontarf Academy

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School based traineeships available

New exciting traineeship opportunities are available in the Pathways Centre Y Block for Year 10’ & 11’s. Job boards will be updated regularly with new positions. Students can collect a registration form and apply now. Get paid while gaining a qualification when doing a school based traineeship and earn up to 8 QCE points!! A variety of new traineeships are on offer with a focus on business, hospitality, retail, sport and tourism.

F45 Training – Palm Beach Cert 3 business trainees, must be available to work split shifts. A few things to consider if you are right for this traineeship:

  • Committed to the role and training
  • Confident or has the ability to build confidence to talk in front of groups
  • Training, exercise and sports is a big interest
  • Available for the specified hours

Please bring resume to Y Block to apply – information session will be held before the holidays, so very quick recruitment

Mindful & Co Kids Palm Beach - Cert 3 business traineeships. Roles include social media interaction, content creation, warehouse packing, assisting the director, general administration and more. Work day is Wednesday or Thursday. To apply email resume to:

Hospitality and Business Traineeships:

  • Laurie Lawrence Swim School Burleigh
  • The Paddock Bakery Burleigh
  • Pets Wonderland Currumbin
  • Yiros Shop Burleigh
  • Pizzeria Coolangatta
  • Pattysmiths Miami
  • IKare Support Services Elanora
  • The Shelf Deli and Café the Pines
  • Ambarella Fine Foods Burleigh
  • Seeds of Life Robina
  • Soul Origin Robina
  • Crema Espresso the Pines & Coolangatta
  • Caroline C Boutique
  • Third Base Palm Beach
  • IGA Currumbin
  • Paperbark Café Burleigh
  • Dominos Tugun
  • Burleigh British Chippy
  • Hudson Coffee
  • Ground Café Coolangatta
  • Grind Me Coffee Miami
  • KFC – Palm Beach, Mermaid Beach & Robina
  • Coming Home Co Robina Kitchens
  • Active Earth Nut and Seeds – Burleigh
  • Garden of Vegan Burleigh hospitality and cookery focused
  • The Original Bakery Tugun
  • Guzmen Y Gomez Burleigh

Defence Force Work Experience - Please apply via the link:

Tree Top Challenge – Mount Tamborine customer service role Cert 3 Business.

IndustryUS HR – Located at Palm Beach, Industryus HR is a specialist human resources agency, providing outsourced human resources to established small and medium enterprises and offering a school based traineeship in business administration.

Cert 3 Early Childhood – Little Scholars Burleigh and other local centres.

Cert 3 Hairdressing – Local Salons in Coolangatta to Broadbeach.

Cert 3 Barbering – MADE Barber & Barista Golden Four Drive, Tugun. Take copy of resume into store, ask for Britt or Josh they are available Wednesday – Saturday.

Reece Plumbing – Warehousing traineeships at Bundall and Mermaid Beach stores. Students are able to apply via the links below The positions will remain open until filled.

Warehousing school based traineeships Year 10/11’s – CNW Electrical Supplies Burleigh & SAMIOS Plumbing Supplies Burleigh and across other branches in Qld. The Qualification will be Cert III in Supply Chain Operations and they are looking for students they can start in the stores but grow into  retail/ sales/ management career roles in the future. This is not for students looking to become tradies but in warehousing organising the supplies to tradies. Good way to make contacts!

School based vacancies links:

Ignite Education:

Aurora Training Institute please visit their vacancy page:

Prestige Staffing Solution vacancies, Please visit this link for more opportunities:

School Leavers should check the following links for fulltime employment opportunities:

There are more opportunities on the job boards. Please come into Y Block to register. Love your current job? Would you like to turn it into a traineeship? Come to the Pathway centre and let’s see if we can create a traineeship for you in your current role. The Pathway Centre is open before school and first break to apply for any of the above positions.


  • Hamish who completed a Cert 3 Business traineeship with Zarraffas Tugun – Ignite Education
  • Hayden who completed a Cert 3 Business traineeship with Currumbin RSL – Ignite Education
  • Kye on becoming a School-Based Trainee with Kebab 4 You - MAS National/MRAEL
  • Lauren who completed a Cert 3 Business traineeship with Seaworld – RTO Ignite Education
  • Makaylah on becoming a School-Based Trainee with Hudson’s Coffee @ John Flynn Tugun - MAS National/MRAEL

Sonia Shreeve - Industry Liaison Officer

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Year 12 students

Intensive Diploma of Business course - Gain 8 QCE Points and a Diploma of Business in the school holidays. See attachment for more information.


Year 11 students

Certificate II in Salon Assistant (hairdresser/barber).

See attachment for more information.


Cert II Automotive – Gold Coast Trades College

Cert II Electrotechnology- Gold Coast Trades College

See Miss McQueen in G Block for more information and to enrol

Gold Coast Trades College Open Day Expo

Wednesday 21 April

Great for Year 11 and 12 students interested in completing trade qualifications whilst at school or after school. 

GCTC bus will transport students to and from the expo.

See attachment and Miss McQueen in G Block for permission form.

Bethany McQueen, VETis Coordinator

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Click the links below to hear the latest from PBC’s Wellbeing Team.

Senior Secondary Guidance Officer

Read the attached article for the latest information targeted to senior students of careers and pathway information.

Junior Secondary Guidance Officer

Attached is the latest article from our Junior Secondary Guidance Officer Anna Willis.


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With COVID putting a stop to most inter-school sport last year it was great to be finally able to complete our first Gold Coast Five (GC5) Cluster Sport day in Week 7 this term. In the GC5 cluster PBC competes against Elanora, Benowa, Robina and St Michael’s College. The competition is held over 5 full days in Terms 1 to 3 culminating in Gold Coast Finals if teams’ win the GC5 competition.

PBC had about 1000 students participating making up 76 teams competing in 17 sports across venues all over the Gold Coast. All teams fared very well on Day 1 with a lot of teams undefeated in their competition thus far. The next round GC5 is in Week 2 of next term on 28 April.

Congratulations to our Junior Debating teams for competing in the Gold Coast Debating Competition on Wednesday night. Both teams did an excellent job representing PBC against other schools arguing, ‘Children under the age of 14 should NOT have mobile phones.'

They were both close debates with both teams complimented on the structure and content of their speeches. Special congratulations to PBCTeam 2 for winning and being commended on their outstanding speaking and audience engagement.


PBC Team 1 – Negative
1st Speaker- Harper, 2nd Speaker- Aveline, 3rd Speaker- Scarlette, Chairperson- Jemima


PBC Team 2 - Affirmative
1st Speaker- Ava, 2nd Speaker- Cayla, 3rd Speaker- Hannah

We encourage parents/caregivers to email your student’s excellent recent achievements to us. These achievements can be in The Arts, sporting, academic or community service. We would love to hear from you! Please email us at with details of your student’s achievement and include at least one photo, and/or any links to media articles that we can share via our Parent Newsletter, internal communications and social media.

2021 QLD School Sport Swimming State Championships

Congratulations to the following students who all represented PBC and South Coast at the Qld Schools Swimming championships last week.

Tilly Grimson, Taj Murray, Kaden Robinson, Julia Remington, Blake Anderson and Abbey Carter


Tilly's results in 12yrs were : 

  • 1st 200m Backstroke
  • 1st 200m Medley Relay
  • 1st 200m Freestyle Relay
  • 5th 200m Freestyle
  • 7th 50m Backstroke
  • 7th 100m Backstroke
  • 9th 100m Freestyle
  • 10th 50m Freestyle

Taj's results in 12yrs were:

  • 1st 200m Freestyle Relay
  • 4th 200m Freestyle
  • 4th 400m Freestyle
  • 5th 100m Fly
  • 6th 100m Freestyle

Julia's results in 14yrs were:

  • 1st 100m Breaststroke
  • 1st 400m Individual Medley
  • 1st 200m Individual Medley
  • 2nd 50m Breaststroke
  • 2nd 200m Breaststroke
  • 10th 50m Freestyle

Blake's results in 13yrs were:

1st 100m Backstroke
2nd 200m Backstroke
3rd 200m medley Relay
6th 50m Backstroke
6th 200m Freestyle
8th 50m Freestyle

At the time of publishing Kaden and Abbey's results had not been forwarded for sharing as yet.


Reds Go Riot – Update

Three of our riotous Reds went up to Brisbane’s Powerhouse on Saturday 13 March for the Qld State Final of Class Clowns run by Melbourne International Comedy Festival, one of the world’s biggest Arts Festivals.

Marnie Lambert (Y9), Ben Burgess (Y10) and Jai Uhlmann (Y10 - 2020 State Final Winner and National Finalist) took to the stage like pros and really owned their space getting lots of laughs with their polished material from the recent Reds Go Riot Showcase. Competing against schools from Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Cairns, these guys all engaged in a rehearsal workshop with Damien Power (The Project, Tonightly, Just For Laughs) - taking on board valuable professional feedback and running with it. We’re very proud of you all! What a fantastic achievement. Jai will be competing in the Class Clowns National Final in Melbourne at the Forum Theatre on 31 March during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival! Best of luck Jai! We know you’ll smash it and have an absolute ball.

Class Clowns is an annual competition that runs Australia-wide and is open to students Years 9-12. For more information please feel free to contact Mrs Hull about how to get involved in 2022.


QLD State Nipper Titles


So many great performances by PBC students at the State Surf Lifesaving Champs, including the U15 Girls board relay - Burleigh Heads Mowbray Park, Gold and Silver - All PBC students - Well done Kaela, Chelsea, Ava, Charlotte, Aleira and Jayda

Congratulations also to PBC's Taj and Jai who both raked in some medals.

Taj Murray results:

  • 1st u12 board race
  • 1st u12 Ironman race
  • 1st u12 board relay
  • 1st u12 Cameron relay
  • 1st u12 surf teams
  • 2nd u12 1km beach run
  • 3rd all age relay
  • 4th u12 board rescue
  • 4th u12 beach relay

Jai Murray results:

  • 2nd u14 board relay
  • 3rd u14 Cameron relay
  • 3rd u14 2km beach run
  • 3rd all age relay
  • 4th u15 Cameron relay
  • 8th u14 board race


PBC, Gecko and Southern Beaches Community Garden at Tugun have formed a partnership to divert food waste from landfill and encourage composting for those who may not be able to do it at home. If you don’t have a compost bin at home but would like to start composting, you can bring your food waste to a dedicated food waste bin at Gecko House (139 Duringan Street, Currumbin). The food waste bin is then collected by volunteers from Southern Beaches Community Garden and processed through PBC’s industrial composting machine, with the compost generated being used on school gardens and Southern Beaches Community Garden. The machine processes just about any form of food waste, including meat, bread, pasta, fruit and vegetable peels – see attached poster for more information. The main excluded items are cooking oil, oyster/scallop shells and large animal bones (chicken bones are acceptable). Help divert food waste from landfill and get composting at Gecko House just across the creek from PBC.


Anzac Day Assembly 2021

Our Annual Anzac Day Ceremony will be held at the school on Friday morning, 23 April. All parents/caregivers are welcome to attend.

Please RSVP your attendance to the number of people coming and stating PBC Anzac in the subject.


PBC Cross Country 2021


PBC Cross Country will take place on Thursday 22 April (Term 2, Week 1). This is an event for all of our students to get involved in whether they love running or just want a challenge. It is also a HOUSE event so students are encouraged to run in their HOUSE colours and gain points towards the 2021 House Cup.

All Sports Excellence students are expected to take part and if anyone else wants to compete, they just need to sign up with Mrs Hart at S Block Staffroom before Wednesday 21 April.

Students will run in the AGE GROUP THEY TURN THIS YEAR - 2021

A final timetable of the day will be released early next term.

Hopefully that this year, we will take strong team to Districts.


Funky Furniture

Recently one of our teachers Mrs Banks decided to take up our regional physiotherapist’s offer of a loan for some alternative seating to encourage incidental movement in the classroom and to support strong core muscle development and posture. More and more our students are ‘stuck’ in a seated position for the day. This trial allows for students to trial different types of seating which as a bonus is also inclusive for some students who have mild physical disabilities.


PBC Reds Surf League Excellence


Our PBC Reds Surf League Excellence team were lucky enough to have the current Nutri-Grain Ironman Champion Ali Day come in and chat to them about all things racing, nutrition and training ahead of their State and Australian Titles. Thanks for your time Ali and all the best to our Reds racing at State and Australian Titles!


PBC Chaplaincy Morning Tea Fundraiser


Grab your friends and join us for a fabulous morning of fun and fashion to benefit the PBC Chaplaincy and Fight 4 Youth Chaplaincy.

Treasured Interiors Currumbin will be putting on a fashion parade of their latest styles and designs. There will also be a fun Second Time around auction. Entertainment will be provided by “The Lady Birds” – Gerri and Mel

When: 10am-Midday, Wednesday 31 March

At: Saltwater, Thrower Drive Currumbin

Tickets: $30 (which includes a scrumptious morning tea)

RSVP: by Sunday 29 March to Mary-Ellen Klem at


NSW Bus Passes

Bus passes for students living in NSW have arrived and need to be collected from the Finance Window. Finance is open from Tuesday-Thursday 8am-1pm. 

Bus passes for students living in QLD are available from Student Services.


Student Positivity

We’re back with a Flood of Positivity. Here’s what the kids said they like about the staff at PBC last week:-

Ms Lithgow: Always really helpful in Humanities

Ms Mruck: Explains things really well

Mr Larter: Understanding and accepting

Mr Russell: Really fun and Helpful

Ms Ottaway: “She’s a legend!”

Mr Johnston: Helped me even though he doesn’t teach me.

Mr Roberts: Never judges, considerate.

Ms Apanui: Ridiculously caring and kind

Ms Pedemont: She was always great to talk to

Mr Costello: Nice, spontaneous and caring

Mr Zacharia: Nice and he’s always calm

Ms McCrohon: Loving and caring. Always helps

Ms Kenwood: Really nice and a great teacher

Ms Gelkov-Moss: Really love the meditations in class

Ms Maddocks: Very patient.

Mr Buchannan: Really ‘Chill’

Mr Robb: Really good explanations


Follow PBC on Social Media



Our social media accounts are the best way to stay connected with the daily happenings of our school. We will upload any important messages, reminders, student achievements and general action. With posts every day this a great way to celebrate our awesome school. If you have any news about your student that you would like to share please message us via Direct Message on Instagram, Messenger on Facebook or email to


FACEBOOK: @PalmBeachCurrumbinStateHigh and @PBCAlliance


PBC Fundraising

Reds Sports Towel

The PBC P&C Association have produced a fantastic 'PBC Reds' Sports Towel for our latest fundraiser. The towel features the PBC Reds logo and are a perfect size for all our students to use during their training activities. The towel has ultimate absorbency, is lightweight and quick drying and looks great! At just $25, these towels are available now at the PBC Uniform Shop.

The money raised through the sales of our Reds Towel will go towards more chilled water bubblers for our students.

Towel size 50cm x 110cm


Entertainment Books



The Red Pages


Have you checked out the Red Pages? Here you will find a list of businesses that are part of the Palm Beach Currumbin State High community. All PBC families that own a local business are invited to list it here so that others in our school community can support you, and the listing is free of charge! Remember, support local!

If you are a PBC parent or alumni and would like to have your business listed here please email the contact details, a short description and logo to Heidi Wallace at


Dates to Remember

2 Apr

Good Friday – 1st day of school holidays

19 Apr

Term 2 starts

23 Apr

PBC Anzac Day Ceremony

25 Apr

Anzac Day

26 Apr

Anzac Day Public Holiday

28 Apr

GC5 Cluster Day 2

3 May

Labor Day Public Holiday

18 May

P&C Meeting

Partner Shout Out


We would like to give a shout out to PBC Alliance founding Partner, Fraser Financial Services! FFS has sponsored the PBC AFL Sports Excellence Program every year for the last 8 years.

Fraser Financial Services was established on the Gold Coast in January 1998 and is accredited with a wide range of financial institutions which are utilised in sourcing the most suitable and cost efficient loan products for clients. FFS is 100% Australian owned and a family operated concern. Two PBC Alumni are on the FFS team, Ian Fraser and his son Harrison Fraser, both #ForeverRed #alumni. 

Fraser Financial Services offer a sound understanding of what businesses want and need and also offer over 75 years combined industry experience. If you are looking for any finance, insurance or mortgage advice or guidance give the team a call on 07 5576 6299. Let's support those that support our students!

Thank you Ian and Kelly Fraser for helping PBC students achieve their potential!

PBC Alliance Business Directory 


If you are looking to support our local businesses and local community when looking for a product or service look no further than the PBC Alliance Business Directory. All the listings are supporters of our students and local so please support those that support PBC.


Would your business like to support our students? Become a Partner today. If you are interested in learning more about the PBC Alliance visit our website!

Thank you to our 2021 Partners

Bendigo Bank Tugun Community Bank Branch

Find Ya Feet

Synergy Fitness

Smile Street Coolangatta

Aurora Training Institute

Gold Coast Titans

Prestige Services Training

Grip Star Socks

Stone Style

LJ Hooker Palm Beach

Southport Sharks

WHYse Choices

Capital Pest Management

99 Bikes, Burleigh

Currumbin RSL

Inspire Physiotherapy

Tweed Sea Sports

Trade Glass

Palm Beach Surf Club

PFD Food Distributors

Rhys Wildermoth, First National Palm Beach

Griffith University

Bond University

Southern Cross University

Esportif Management (Nash Dawson)

Burleigh Bears Rugby League Club

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Fraser Financial Services

Wilson Haynes Law

Greater Southern Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce

City Venue Management


Platinum Realty

Visit our website for more information!

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A vacancy has arisen on the School Council for a two year term. Interested parents are asked to self-nominate for the election by completing the self-nomination form and submitting it to the Returning Officer by email or mail.

Nominations close on 19 April 2021.

Details of the nomination and election process are as follows:

  • All self-nominations close 19 April 2021
  • School Council election day for Parent representatives will be 18 May 2021, 4:30pm – 6:00pm in Trade Training Centre I01
  • Instructions and forms for self-nominations are available on our school website under

Our Community / School Council

We look forward to receiving your nominations.

Kellie Pedemont - Returning Officer

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Finance Office Window Operating Hours

Over the counter payments can only be accepted between 8:00am and 1:00pm on Tuesday to Thursday. Alternatively, you can make payments via BPOINT from your invoice or statement or Direct Deposit. CLOSED Mondays & Fridays

Alternative payment options include BPOINT and Bank Transfer, details found here


For Internet banking please use the details below:


BSB Number:         064-404 CBA Branch Burleigh Heads

Account Number:   00090303

Reference/Details: Record both Student ID AND the reference Code to ensure your payment can be recorded correctly. (Reference Code = ITEM BEING PAID FOR e.g.: 2021 SRS8 or 2021 ACEX10)


SRS Fees

SRS Fees to list the instalment dates:

1st Instalment – Friday 12 Feb Term 1 - OVERDUE

2nd Instalment – Friday 7 May Term 2

3rd Instalment – Friday 30 July Term 3

Make payments the quick and easy way using BPOINT. Visit, follow the prompts or phone BPOINT on 1300 631 073.

Parents/caregivers experiencing financial difficulty can email ParentSupport – change to finance@

Payment plan options are available including Centrepay -a service to families whereby periodic payments can be made to the school or Direct Debit via credit card (monthly). Paperwork is available from the Student Services Office to activate either of these plans.



Parents – have you registered for QParents yet?

Are you using QParents to stay in contact with our school and to access information about your child’s schooling?

If you haven’t yet registered for QParents, register now.

You can provide your 100 points of identity documents for registration online through QParents, or in person at your school.

If you have limited identity documents, or experience difficulties registering, please contact your school for help.

QParents is a great way to stay informed about what’s happening in your child’s school life


Saver Plus

Could $500 help you with high-school costs?

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Thrower House Holiday Program


2021 Gold Coast Careers Festival


This year's event is set to be bigger and better than ever! Spanning over three days from Thursday, 6 May to Saturday, 8 May at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, this year’s Careers Festival will not only welcome students, but also job seekers, non-school leavers, parents and career changers.


Palm Beach Currumbin Lions Junior AFL


Want to try something new? AFL might be for you! So why not come down to The Den and give it a try. No experience required

Come and try ~ Tuesday & Thursdays 9s, 11s & 13s 4:00-5:00pm

U15s 5:00-6:00pm

U17s Thursday’s 5:00-6:00pm


Junior Beach Volleyball



Palm Beach Soccer - Girls


Palm Beach Soccer Club are in desperate need of a few more GIRLS players to make up out Under 13 team. We have a free trial day coming up on Tuesday 30 March to try and get some more girls involved.


Walk 4 Rememberance


The Walk 4 Remembrance is dedicated to all those who served our nation and have been overwhelmed by the “battle within”. The Walk 4 Remembrance forms an important part of Currumbin RSL’s ANZAC week activities. The event is on Sunday 18 April 2021, with participants asked to register for a timeslot so we can comply with social distancing. The timeslots are 8:00am, 8:15am and 8:30am. They are noted on the registration page.

Operation “Cor Infinitus” (Infinite Courage) is a National initiative to provide dignity and respect to those that have served Australia and taken their own life. A “Cor Infinitus” plaque unveiling at the Cenotaph at Currumbin RSL will occur at the conclusion of the event. The plaque is dedicated to all those who served our nation and were overwhelmed by the “battle within”.

The walk will begin at Gilltrap Park in Coolangatta and finish at Currumbin RSL. This is roughly around 8km. Entry fees are:

  • Adults - $30
  • Kids - $12
  • Under 4 – Free

Both Adults & kids (not under 4) will receive an event t-shirt and a “Cor Infinitus” pin.

T-shirt & pin collection will occur on the 16 & 17 April 3-5pm at Currumbin RSL.

ll proceeds from the event will be donated to the Currumbin RSL Young Veteran Support Services Program.

Website for more information:

Registration link:



Look. Listen. Report


Let’s all help to keep our school safe.

During the school holidays, schools may experience higher levels of criminal activity. If you see something suspicious, look, listen, report.

Contact School Watch on 13 17 88 to report any incidents you see or hear, even if they appear to be minor.

In an emergency or if you see a crime in progress dial Triple Zero (000).


How to help your child succeed


Success looks different for every child. If your child is struggling at school or refusing to go to school, knowing you are on their side is what matters most. There is no one-size-fits-all simple solution to achieving success, but there are things you can do to help. Recognising your child’s little wins will allow them to experience the thrill and endorphin hit of achievement. This builds their confidence and motivates them to want more. When you put the ‘little wins’ together, they can make a big difference.

The Spark their Future website has tips on how to help your child succeed at school including a short video


Teen Girls Empowerment Karma Charity Workshop


Girls Empowering Girls! Ignite your Self- Confidence!

Date: 10 April, 9:30am- 11:00am

Where: Yogventures, Coolangatta

Price: $20. All proceeds to The Shift Project, Byron Bay

Facilitator: The Rise Movement

Event Link: