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15 February 2021

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15 February 2021

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Capra_Christopher.jpgIt is hard to believe that the first month of schooling for 2021 is nearly over.  Major events for the year so far and into next week include Optima Assemblies for Years 8 - 12 to celebrate semester 2, 2020 achievement, two very successful swimming carnivals, pre-season trials, team sports matches and Student Council activities such as BBQs and Valentine’s Day. 

Wednesday night will see our Enrolment Evening and Information Night for 2022 Excellence Programs in the Sports Hall preceded by our first P&C Meeting of the year on Tuesday at 6:30pm in the Trade Training Centre.

The new Crossing on Thrower Drive is nearly complete. Whilst this will increase the safety of students crossing the road and improve traffic flow, we have noticed that during peak times, traffic around the school precinct has become noticeably worse. Students who drive themselves to school and parents dropping off their children should aim to be here by 8:30am to allow for a bad traffic day.

Chris Capra
Executive Principal

CRICOS Provider Name: The Queensland Department of Education trading as Education Queensland International (EQI) CRICOS Provider Number 00608A

The Senior School has enjoyed a busy but productive last fortnight with several highlights such as the Swimming Carnival and Valentines Day. As we move into Week 4 subject changes are now closed and our students will settle into their classes. The beginning of the year is the right time to establish good habits for both study and self-care. For good tips and tricks on the above students can visit

We also take this opportunity to remind all senior students of our uniform expectations that can be found here. Polishable black shoes and ‘reds’ socks are a must.


  • Assessment Calendars for Years 10, 11 and 12 will soon be uploaded to the school website Click on the Curriculum tab and then under Testing and Assessment. Students can also download this information from the student drive on the school’s network. This information will be useful for parents and students when planning their study timetable.
  • The Year 11 exam timetable will also be uploaded on the school website by the end of this week. Year 11 students do not have a shutdown this term and are required to attend school every day. All Year 11 assessment will be finalised in Week 7 and 8 of Term 1. Year 11 students will commence new work in Weeks 8 and 9 of this term. Students need to ensure that they appropriately managing their time and do not leave study and assignments to the last minute as they will have numerous assessment items due in Week 7 and 8.
  • Parents are reminded that exams will be scheduled in Week 10 at the end of each term for Years 10 and 12. Please see school website for a published schedule of assessment for 10s, 11s and 12s. As per the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority guidelines and handbooks, family holidays are not grounds for missing assessment or exams.
  • All students and parents need to be aware of the Senior School Assessment policy. The policy is published on the school website (, under the Curriculum/Testing and Assessment tab. Assignments and presentations etc. are due at 9:00 am on the due date and teachers must make a decision on the evidence which has been submitted at that time. Late assignments will not be accepted. Students requiring extensions need to apply to the relevant Head of Department at least 48 hours before the due date. Students requiring special provision should note the new terminology of Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments (AARA); please refer to the published document for more detailed information.

Year 10

  • Year 10 students are again reminded that their results in Semester 1 will determine their pathway and subject availability in Years 11 and 12. To study an ATAR pathway students need to be achieving at least a B level in English and Maths. If students wish to study senior Science subjects they also need to be achieving at least a B level in Year 10 Science, (Academic Excellence students will have slightly different cut offs).
  • Year 10s are also reminded that they can commence School based apprenticeships and traineeships (SATS) in Year 10. These courses provide students with paid employment and work skills, up to 8 QCE points (equivalent of 2 subjects) and a Certificate 3 qualification which may provide tertiary options.

Year 11 

  • Year 11 students will need to have very good time management in 2021 as the units for each subject are only 7 weeks in length including assessment.
  • In the QCE unit credits are banked into each students learning account at the end of each unit. The implication for this is that students who are not engaged in learning and perform poorly in a number of subjects could find themselves ineligible for the QCE as early as week as Week 5 Term 2 (21 May). Students have been repeatedly reminded of this and will need to ensure that they are actively engaged in all classes at all times.
  • Many students will have completed traineeships and higher VET certificates before they sit external exams in November of 2022. This will provide students with extra QCE points and help ensure that they get the QCE even if they have a poor external exam. Please see Ms Shreeve in Y block to register for a traineeship.

Year 12 

  • The school hopes to complete reporting for Year 12s on their first summative task of Unit 3 (IA1) as soon as possible unfortunately One School reporting software is not allowing this at the moment. In the mean time all students should have received their marks from their subject teachers in all subjects, except Maths, and should be able to keep parents informed regarding progress. Please contact your student’s specific subject teacher for more detailed information. All Year 12 students should be in the process of finalising their Problem Solving Modelling Task for their Maths subjects.
  • All Year 12 students that have not yet completed their First Aid qualifications have recently been emailed a letter regarding an opportunity to complete a First Aid and Safety course which will enable them to attain 2 QCE points. Please check your emails for more information.
  • All Year 12 students on an ATAR pathway are again reminded that they must pass an English subject for Unit 3 and 4 to attain an ATAR.

Useful websites

  • The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority has created a new website ( ). This is a great source of information on the new Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE), Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), Senior Education Training (SET) Plan, future pathways, subjects and assessment.
  • The Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre has released a new tertiary course search engine . This is a new National higher education admissions platform which will be useful for students researching nationwide tertiary options.
  • Griffith University has updated their admissions pathways . This document highlights the large range of courses that students can apply for a Griffith University with VET qualifications such as Certificate III, IV or Diploma in 2021.
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Year 7s Welcome

Our new Year 7 cohort have settled really well into high school life at PBC. Some of my key messages were around how to set up healthy routines with laptops at home. Part of our parent induction was a session in the Hall where we encouraged families to support an hour of screen free time before bed as well as setting up a family charging station in a common area so that devices and laptops are out of bedrooms during the night. An hour a night on the laptop for homework will be enough time for most weeks for most students in Junior Secondary. Games cannot be downloaded on devices however an educational version of Minecraft is on there. Please encourage your child to take care of their device. If you have any questions about the laptops please contact us on the parent support email and we will direct your enquiry to the right person.

Supporting your child

One of the best ways you can support your child at school is to encourage open communication about what is going on at school, from school work through to friendships. Getting them to start talking about their day can be hard to get going but once you make it a regular part of the day you’ll continue to strengthen this great habit. Some things that will help is scanning the Newsletter or our social media pages for some conversations starters or planning together the week using the Student Planner/Diary. As much as we are trying to develop independence and self-motivation many 12-14 year olds still need organisational support. That doesn’t mean doing it for them but it could look like talking through what they need for the next day or what needs to be finished by when and simply asking if they need a hand with any part of that.

Rules and Routines

Mobile phones

Our rule is no phones in use from entering school gate till departure at end of day. We are encouraging the development of personal social skills and active play by asking students in Year 7, 8 and 9 to not use mobile phones or laptops in the playground. Quiet individual activities on laptops can be done in the library at breaks. Thank you to those parents who have been in contact about how supportive they are of this.


PBC SHS is a uniform school and all students enrolling here are expected to accept and support these standards of dress as determined by the Executive Principal and supported by the PBC P&C. This policy is an integral part of our school security program and support the Department of Education, Training and Education Workplace Health and Safety policy. The full uniform code is available from the school website (

In Junior Secondary our focus is on:

  • correct polishable black shoes
  • compulsory PBC red socks
  • Jewellery is simple- small discreet earring in each ear, a wrist watch is optional
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New exciting traineeship opportunities are available in the Pathways Centre Y Block for Year 10 & 11 students. Job boards will be updated regularly with new positions. Students can collect a registration form and apply now. Get paid while gaining a qualification when doing a school based traineeship and earn up to 8 QCE points!!

Queensland Training Awards 2021: Applications opening soon

Students currently undertaking a school based traineeship/apprenticeship/VETis course or completed one in 2020 are eligible to enter the Qld Training Awards to be recognised for their outstanding achievements. Applications are opening soon across 14 award categories celebrating excellence, innovation and quality in your vocational education and training. Please go to this link to express your interest – Good luck!!


Congratulations to Bailey, Marshall and Aidon who all recently signed up to school based traineeships. Bailey and Marshall are both completing a Cert 3 Business with Gold Coast Skydive (Bailey) and Concrete Lines (Marshall) and Aidon is completing a Cert 3 Hospitality with Lakeview Espresso. Many thanks to both Mas Experience / MRAEL and MEGT Apprenticeship Centres for coordinating these traineeships (and many others).

Congratulations also to Chantelle, Olive, Gabrielle, Dylan, Eve, Lily and Bella. All these amazing students have now completed their traineeships!

Hospitality and Business Traineeships:

A variety of new traineeships are on offer with a focus on business, hospitality, retail and tourism

  • Huxley School of Makeup
  • Boost Juice Elanora
  • Foodworks Tugun
  • Cosmetics Plus Robina
  • Third Base Palm Beach
  • IGA Currumbin
  • Paperbark Café Burleigh
  • Brumbys the Pines
  • Dominos Tugun
  • Burleigh British Chippy
  • Hudson Coffee
  • RACV The Royal Pines Resort
  • Ground Café Coolangatta
  • Grind Me Coffee Miami
  • Bo’Teku Tapas Bar Coolangatta
  • Lakeview Espresso Burleigh
  • KFC – Palm Beach, Mermaid Beach & Robina
  • Coming Home Co Robina Kitchens
  • The Parkway Café Robina
  • Pizzeria Coolangatta
  • Active Earth Nut and Seeds – Burleigh
  • The Pines News and Gifts Elanora
  • Garden of Vegan Burleigh hospitality and cookery focused
  • City Beach Robina & Surfers Paradise
  • Love Italy – Surfers Paradise
  • The Original Bakery Tugun
  • Guzmen Y Gomez Burleigh

Cert 3 Business - Tree Top Challenge – Mount Tamborine customer service role

Cert 3 Early Childhood – Little Scholars Burleigh and other local centres

Cert 3 Hairdressing – Local Salons in Coolangatta to Broadbeach

Cert 2 Warehousing Reece Plumbing - Burleigh and various locations

School Based Apprentices in Year 11/12, Riviera Australia currently looking for the following apprentices for:

  • Cert III in Polymer Processing (Composite Tech)
  • Cert III in Marine Craft Construction

Applications close on Monday 22 February. Work experience starting on Monday 1 March – Site Induction on Friday 26 February. Interviews starting Wednesday 10 March with offers going out on Friday 12 March.

School based vacancies links:

Ignite Education:

Aurora Training Institute please visit their vacancy page:

Prestige Training Services vacancies, Please visit this link for more opportunities

School Leavers should check the following links for fulltime employment opportunities:

Junior wanted – Chemist Warehouse Coolangatta. Must be 15year + to apply, take resume into store and ask for Retail Manager. Night and weekend work available.

There are more opportunities on the job boards. Please come into Y Block to register

Love your current job? Would you like to turn it into a traineeship? Come to the Pathway centre and let’s see if we can create a traineeship for you in your current role.

The Pathway Centre is open before school and first break to apply for any of the above positions

Sonia Shreeve - Industry Liaison Officer

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On Wednesday 10 February 8A went on a Medieval Europe excursion to The Abbey Museum in Caboolture. We witnessed many things from protective armour used by Medieval Knights to 14th century stained glass and a wide display of artefacts collected by the local religious community.

In regards to knights and their armours we learnt that the full metal body armour was not implemented in combat until the 14th century with amour prior to that consisting of chain mail (or simply mail), a coned metal helmet and padded leather under amour.  We also learnt that during the period of the Crusades, knights wore coloured tunics to indicate their geographical origins and national ties. We also learnt a lot of interesting facts about knights; one thing that stood out was that by our age, if we were training to be knights, we may already be on a battlefield! Another intriguing thing was that knights did not aim to kill other knights in battle, as knights’ families were extremely wealthy and they if they they tracked them down it wouldn't be good for that knight. The only time they would kill another knight was if the knight was too injured that it wasn't fair for them to continue suffering.

We were also provided the opportunity to explore a Medieval Church which was exported from Winchester in the 1970's. The church contained many reorganised fragments of stained glass which created large biblical pictures of figures such as Jesus Christ and many Anglican patron saints. Some of the glass was aged at over 1000 years having been made in the medieval era itself when Christianity, Catholicism and other Christ-based religions were at a period of great prominence. The stained glass windows contained many different coats of arms, which would show that two royal families had married. Priests would use the stained glass to help them, as people would be able to see stories and understand things from those stained glass images, as they couldn't read themselves a lot of the time. The stories contained in the stained glass helped them understand their religion.

The museum also contained a display centre with many hundreds of authentic artefacts from every various time period spanning from the dawn of man to the late Renaissance. One fascinating artefacts was a knight’s armour that had been used in battle, with an indentation in the arm, which demonstrates how it saved the knight’s life. Finally, we finished our day with archery, using bows and arrows, which was extremely enjoyable!

All in all we thoroughly enjoyed the day; it was hugely informative, periodically immersive and we would recommend the whole experience to anyone who wishes to immerse themselves in period that in this modern era has been largely forgotten.

Madison C and Bradley M, Year 8 Students

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It has been a busy but exciting start to 2021!

Instrumental Music

Welcome back to Instrumental Music. Students have now had their first lessons and band rehearsals and we are looking forward to working hard to produce some outstanding performances for the year ahead. Junior Secondary IM students will be attending their camp in Week 6 where they will take part in team building activities, a bush MasterChef competition, guest conductors and lots of music making. The opportunity will be great for bringing our students together after a tough covid year without any performances in 2020. Students and parents can expect a great year ahead!

Mrs Kayla Latter

Drama and Drama Excellence


On Monday 8 February, SHOCK THERAPY PRODUCTIONS performed two award-winning plays for Drama and Drama Excellence students in the Theatre. “The Stones” and “The Apology” are based on real life events. Actors Sam Foster and Hayden Jones made storytelling dynamic, and the performance landscape entertaining and incredibly moving. Year 11 and 12 Drama students are both creating Dramatic Concepts based around each play as a stimulus.

For Junior Drama students, it was a rollercoaster ride as an introduction to live theatre - a tour de force of physical theatre!

Fantastic to have live theatre a part of our curriculum once more!  

PBC Comedy      

Comedy at PBC is back!

Let's rewind to this time last year... (in case you missed it!)

14 Reds started Comedy Writing Workshops with professional comedian Mandy Nolan, spent 6 hours working on generating ideas, exploring what makes funny funny and worked on their own unique stand-up material. They then put on a sold-out showcase in front of about 200 people consisting of parents, fellow students and staff! The result? Hilarity! What a great night that was, we even managed to raise over $700 for Beyond Blue - and we all know what an amazing organisation they are.

Beyond that, our 2020 comedy troupe embarked on an excursion to HOTA to compete in the regional heat for Melbourne International Comedy Festival's Class Clowns competition which runs right around Australia. Two of our Reds; Jai (now Year 10) and Fletcher (now in Year 11) made the State Finals and Jai was announced the State Winner - scoring a place in the National Final. Not bad for our first crack! 

It’s all happening again this year, with 14 PBC students engaging in the comedy writing workshops with Mandy Nolan ready for the showcase.

  • Come along to support these talented young comedians at the ‘Reds Go Riot Showcase’ on Friday 26 February at 6:00pm in the school theatre. Tickets $5 from the Payments Window (Tue-Thu 8:00am-1:00pm).  
  • From there it's the 2021 Class Clowns Gold Coast Heat on Thursday 4 March where our comics will do an MICF Crash Course and perform for a place in the Semi-finals.

Thank you to Bendigo Bank Tugun Community Branch who have made this all possible again with their Community Grant, and to PBCs Leos who have made a very generous donation. We can't wait to see you on the 26th! 

Erin Hull
Comedy Coordinator/Teacher

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RED(M)S - Rise Every Day Mentally Stronger 

A project for the PBC community by the Year 12 Health class.

Investing in and building mental strength should be no different to building physical strength. We all would benefit from increased mental strength. Building strength requires time, intent, focus, effort and knowledge from experts. RED(M)S will provide some expert knowledge to students and parents.

In Australia, current statistics show that 1 in 5 people will experience a mental illness in any year. 45% of Australians experience a mental illness at some stage in their lives. For our youth, 1 in 5 display the symptoms of a mental illness. Devastatingly, suicide is the second most common cause of death for 15 to 24 year olds, with boys at a higher risk than girls.

Beginning next Monday, RED(M)S is a 2 week project focusing on development of behaviours to support mental health of self and others. During lunch times there will be a range of activities for students to engage in. If you ever feel stressed, angry, frustrated, stuck, alone or afraid then there will be something for you.

On Wednesday 3rd March there will be a parent information session providing support for parents who have children that experience any of the mental symptoms expressed above. Further information about this session will be advertised through the PBC Facebook page later this week. Attendance is limited so be sure to book your (free) spot early.

Shane Roberts
Head of Department
(Health and Physical Education)

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The 2021 Swimming Carnival was a very successful two-day event that included competitive swimming, inflatable fun and a lot of house pride.

The swimming was a hotly contested competition, with 100 extra House Points going to the house that wins collectively across the junior and senior competitions. Firstly, congratulations to Athenians for winning the junior carnival. They secured one age champion and recorded a massive participation rate assisting them in getting across the line. Secondly, congratulations to the Phoenicians house for winning the senior carnival. They had three age champions and were fiercely led by Mr Johnstone and the leadership group.

Overall, the 2021 swimming carnival champions went to the Phoenicians!! In total, they accomplished 8 out of 12 age champions across the junior and senior school! Congratulations Phoenicians.

Junior Age Champions

L-R: Ms I’anson (Athenians Leader); Gracie (Athenians 13 girls); Tilley (Phoenicians 12 girls); Julia (Phoenicians 14 girls); Gray (Phoenicians 13 boys); Taj (Phoenicians 12 boys); Blake (Phoenicians 13 boys); Mr Johnstone (Phoenicians Leader) Not in photo: Abbie (Spartans 15 girls)

Senior Age Champions

L-R: Tahj (Phoenicians 15 boys); Imogen (Athenians 16 girls); Zach (Spartans Open boys); Jorja (Phoenicians Open girls); Emily (Spartans Open Girls) Not in photo: Max (Phoenicians 16 boys)

Swimming Carnival House Points

1st place - Phoenicians - 1207 points

2nd place - Athenians - 1002 points

3rd place - Vikings - 874 points

4th place - Spartans - 703 points

Winning House - Phoenicians


Junior Swimming Carnival Gallery

Senior Swimming Carnival Gallery

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Click the links below to read the latest news from our Guidance Officers.

Junior Secondary Guidance Officer Update

This week Anna Willis covers how parents can build learning strengths.

Senior Secondary Guidance Officer Update

Did you know that our senior guidance officer, Steve Jones, regularly updated the Guidance Office webpage on our website so that our senior students can keep up to date with all relevant news. Click this link to access... Guidance Officer.

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We encourage parents/caregivers to email your student’s excellent recent achievements to us. These achievements can be in the arts, sporting, academic or community service. We would love to hear from you! Please email us at with details of your student’s achievement and include at least one photo, and/or any links to media articles that we can share via our Parent Newsletter, internal communications and social media.

Gold Coast Bulletin DUX Feature


Congratulations to PBC’s 2020 Dux Molly Keen who has been feature among other Dux recipients in South East QLD in the paper.


Aquathlon QLD State Championships

Congratulations to PBC's Taj Murray Year 7 who competed in the school Queensland State Championships for Aquathlon in Harvey bay over the weekend. Taj finished in 1st place by 27 secs to be names the State Champion, Nationals are in September. What a fantastic result! Good luck with the Nationals Taj!


Basketball Australia


Congratulations to the PBC's Indiah Bowyer who was named in Basketball Australia’s U19 Gems Squad. Indiah has been invited to a preliminary camp to be held at Basketball Australia's Centre of Excellence (Australian Institute of Sport) this month as Basketball Australia commences preparations for the 2021 FIBA Under 19 Basketball World Cups.  Simply fantastic! Good Luck Indiah. Read more

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TMR and Gold Coast Suns join AFLQ for 2021

School Photos


Thursday 18 February - Senior Students (Years 10-12)

Tuesday 23 February - Junior Students (Years 7-9)

Friday 5 March (catch-up)

Have your child's school memories captured forever.  Your student should have bought home their unique MSP Photography envelope for you to be able to order school photos. If you haven't received an envelope or need an extra one please collect one from Student Services.

Ensure your order is placed on photo day to avoid any late fees

Ordering online using your child's Unique Shoot Key (on their envelope) is the easiest, safest and most secure way to order. If you don't know their Unique Shoot Key please contact MSP on 07 5668 9110.

If enclosing payment inside an envelope, please ensure the correct money is provided as no change is given. Cash, cheques and money orders are all acceptable.

Don't seal envelopes inside each other. You can pay for all children in one envelope, however each child needs to hand in their own envelope on Photo Day to the photographer. Please indicate on the child's envelope that contains all sibling payments, the names of the children you are paying for.

All students whether ordering photos or not, need to hand in their photo envelope to the photographer on photo day. This is how your student is identified to the photographer. 

Any queries, please feel free to contact MSP at or tel: 07 5668 9110.


The School Immunisation Program

Schools play an invaluable role in looking after the health of their students. Immunisation against a number of diseases is one strategy which contributes to the wellbeing of both the individual and the community as a

School immunisation programs are regarded as a highly efficient and cost-effective way to immunise an age group which can otherwise be difficult to reach.
Queensland Health acknowledges the important role schools play in helping service providers conduct a vaccination clinic.
Queensland Health’s annual School Immunisation Program (SIP) provides secondary school students in state schools across Queensland the opportunity to be vaccinated against a range of

The following vaccines are offered for Year 7 students:
• Human papillomavirus (HPV)
• Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (whooping cough)

The following vaccine is offered for Year 10 students:
• Meningococcal A, C, W and Y

Year 7 parents will receive the on-line consent on 22nd Feb 2021

Immunisation dates

Year 7 students:

  • Term 1 Week 8 Tuesday 16 March and
  • Term 4 Week 2 Tuesday 12 October

Year 10 students:

  • Term 3 Week 6 Monday 16 August

Any parent/caregiver that is unable to access online forms may either visit Junior Secondary Student Services office to collect and complete the form or have your child take the form home for completion and return to PBC.

Parent/caregivers who do not return a consent form will not be contacted. Students will not be vaccinated without a valid consent form.

Gold Coast Health - Mobile Dental Van


Gold Coast Oral Health Services are offering free dental checks and treatment to all eligible children. This service will be provided on-site at PBC by Mobile Clinic 163 and will be arriving on Tuesday 2 February. The mobile dental clinic will be located in the carpark to the right of the Administration building.

If you would like to book your free dental check for your child call 1300 300 850 today.

School Holiday bookings are also available.

For more information head to:

Oral Health Client Service Centre - 1300 300 850

Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm (excluding public holidays)


Upcoming Events:

Reds Go Riot!


Come down and support some PBC Reds giving it a Red-Hot Go - fresh from their comedy writing workshops with Mandy Nolan and proudly sponsored by Bendigo Bank Tugun Community Branch. It's mid-term and just about that time where we can all use a good laugh. Plus all proceeds raised will go to Beyond Blue. 'A day without laughter is a day wasted' - Charlie Chaplin.


Follow PBC on Social Media

Our social media accounts are the best way to stay connected with the daily happenings of our school. We will upload any important messages, reminders, student achievements and general action. With posts every day this a great way to celebrate our awesome school. If you have any news about your student that you would like to share please message us via Direct Message on Instagram, Messenger on Facebook or email to

Instagram @PBCSHS

Facebook @PalmBeachCurrumbinStateHigh and @PBCAlliance


PBC Reds - Sports Towel Fundraiser 

The PBC P&C Association have produced a fantastic 'PBC Reds' Sports Towel for our latest fundraiser. The towel features the PBC Reds logo and are a perfect size for all our students to use during their training activities. The towel has ultimate absorbency, is lightweight and quick drying and looks great! At just $25, these towels are available now at the PBC Uniform Shop.

The money raised through the sales of our Reds Towel will go towards more chilled water bubblers for our students.

Towel size 50cm x 110cm


Dates to Remember

16 Feb - Year 8 Optima Assembly

16 Feb - P&C Meeteing @ 6:30pm

17 Feb - Year 10 Optima Assembly

17 Feb - Selective Entry @ PBC Excellence Programs 2022 - Information Night, 6pm

18 Feb - School Photos for Senior Students - bring your envelopes!

18 Feb - Year 9 Optima Assembly

19 Feb - Year 11 Optima Assembly

23 Feb - Clontarf Academy Family BBQ

23 Feb - School Photos for Junior Students - bring your envelopes!

23 Feb - Growing Good Humans workshops Year 12

26 Feb - Reds Go Riot Comedy Night @ 6pm

5 Mar - PBC Alliance Breakfast 

5 Mar - School Photos - Catch up day

5 Mar - Year 10 Careers Presentation

5 Mar - University Showcase

5 Mar - VET Showcase

10 Mar - GC5 Competition Day 

10 Mar - Cluster Sports Day

By becoming a PBC Alliance Partner you can directly contribute to helping Palm Beach Currumbin State High ensure our students strive to meet their potential. In return for your support, we offer tailored marketing packages for your business to recognise and highlight your contribution and support of our students  and wider communities. Please click here to view marketing packages and partnership levels available.

​The levels of partnership available are:

  • Platinum: $10,000 + (negotiated)
  • Gold: $5,000 - $9,999
  • Silver: $2,000 - $4,999
  • Bronze: $1,000 - $1,999
  • Reds Supporter: $100 - $999

How can you contribute?

​Student Support
i.    Provision of school-based traineeships/apprenticeships/work experience opportunities to PBC students
ii.   Provision of awards, bursaries or scholarships for students 
iii.  Provision of coaching or training or products/tools to students that participate in our excellence programs and 
​      other programs

Donating funds or providing in-kind support for resource provision to the value of a level of partnership.   

We also offer memberships for $25 (per year). Members receive invitations to all Alliance events and newsletters as well as a listing in both the PBC Alliance Business Directory and the Reds Pages. 

If you are keen to sign up and join our Alliance community please click the links below:

To sign up:

To list your business:

Please do not hesitate to contact Heidi on 5525 9312, if you have any questions.


PBC Alliance Business Directory


If you are looking to support our local businesses and local community when looking for a product or service look no further than the PBC Alliance Business Directory. All the listings are supporters of our students and local, please support those that support PBC.


Thank you!

Thank you to the following business that have committted to partnership in 2021.

Bendigo Bank Tugun Community Bank Branch

Gold Coast Titans

Find Your Feet - Tommy Herschell

Synergy Fitness

Smile Street Coolangatta

Aurora Training Institute

Prestige Services Training

LJ Hooker Palm Beach QLD

Community Tree Services

Southport Sharks

WHYse Choices

Capital Pest Management

Stone Style

Currumbin RSL

Inspire Physiotherapy

Tweed Seasports

Trade Glass

Rhys Wildermoth, First National Palm Beach

Griffith University

99 Bikes, Burleigh

PFD Food Distributors

Esportif Management (Nash Dawson)

Bond University

Southern Cross University

Burleigh Bears Rugby League Club

Fraser Financial Services

Wilson Haynes Law

Greater Southern Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce

Meatsmiths, Elanora

Platinum Realty

City Venue Management

If you are interested in learning more about the PBC Alliance visit our website!

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Cashier Window Operating Hours

Over the counter payments can only be accepted between 8:00am and 1:00pm on Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday. The window is CLOSED on Mondays and Fridays. Alternatively, you can make payments via BPOINT from your invoice or statement or Direct Deposit.

Alternative payment options include BPOINT and Bank Transfer, details found here:


For Internet banking please use the details below:

School’s Bank Account:  PALM BEACH CURRUMBIN SHS General A/C

BSB Number:                064-404 CBA Branch Burleigh Heads

Account Number:          00090303

Reference/Details:         Record both Student ID AND the reference Code to ensure your payment can be recorded correctly. (Reference Code = ITEM BEING PAID FOR e.g.: 2021SRS8 or 2021ACX10)


SRS Fees

SRS Fees to list the instalment dates:

  • 1st Instalment – Friday 12 Feb Term 1
  • 2nd Instalment – Friday 7 May Term 2
  • 3rd Instalment – Friday 30 July Term 3

Make payments the quick and easy way using BPOINT. Visit, follow the prompts or phone BPOINT on 1300 631 073.

Parents/caregivers experiencing financial difficulty can email Finance

Payment plan options are available including Centrepay -a service to families whereby periodic payments can be made to the school or Direct Debit via credit card (monthly). Paperwork is available from the Student Services Office to activate either of these plans.



Parents – have you registered for QParents yet? Are you using QParents to stay in contact with our school and to access information about your child’s schooling? If you haven’t yet registered for QParents, register now. You can provide your 100 points of identity documents for registration online through QParents, or in person at your school. If you have limited identity documents, or experience difficulties registering, please contact your school for help. QParents is a great way to stay informed about what’s happening in your child’s school life


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Gold Coast Stars – Inline hockey


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Know a next Gen teacher?


Do you know a student who is inspired to teach? The Future Teachers Bursary supports senior secondary students to fast-track their teaching career. The bursary provides financial assistance for tertiary units and related study costs. Share this with a future teacher you know. Apply at the Teach Queensland website.


We the Differents – make education work

It’s the start of a new school year and as routine returns to our teens’ lives, they may sometimes find it hard to juggle school and life. Help them make education work by encouraging them to check out the support, options and tips available on the We the Differents website. The website has a range of engaging articles to support them to find their different, understand their learning options and learn handy study hacks.


Spark their Future

Returning to secondary school for a new year or moving from primary to secondary school is a time of great change in your child’s life. To help your child make a positive transition to high school, it is important to be by their side, reassure them that nerves are normal and – most importantly – listen to their concerns.

The Spark their Future website has 12 tips to help your child be ready for high school so your child can make a smooth transition. Visit the Spark their Future website for more

Help your teen find their spark

Help your teen find something they are good at so, over time and with the right support, they can grow that spark, build their confidence, and get more out of school. As parenting educator Maggie Dent explains, it may take time, but it will be worth it. By being interested and motivated by something, your teen is learning how to learn, building a sense of self, and experiencing what it feels like to succeed.

Learn about how to talk to your child’s school and read about out how your child’s spark can make them stronger


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