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Senior School Update

Being Reds in our Community

Our school is renowned for enriching the local community, not just because of our sheer size, but largely due to the number of students we have working in, performing within and contributing in a positive way to our local businesses, teams and events. Our students are often reminded that our Behaviour Policy also captures the behaviour and conduct of our students outside of school hours. Students are to be reminded that conduct on social media, conduct in uniform, conduct involving the Police or conduct that may impact other enrolled students does concern the school and may be dealt with under our Responsible Behaviour for Students Policy.

We are driven towards all of our students being role models in every aspect of their lives and continuing to contribute positively to the wider community.

Year 12 Graduation & Final Weeks

In what is only a matter of weeks, PBC will once again farewell another cohort of Reds as our Year 12’s graduate with pride and honour. This group of graduates is unique in many facets, being our first group of Prep students as well as the smallest cohort PBC has produced in many years. This group will leave a lasting impact on the students, staff and families in which they’ve interacted and learnt from over the years and as always we look forward to recognising their achievements with them. Some key dates for our Year 12s:

  • Wednesday 30 October – OPTIMA Awards
  • Friday 1 November – last day of timetabled classes
  • Monday 4 – Friday 8 November – Exam Shutdown
  • Wednesday 13 November – Formal and Graduation

For any parents or caregivers still looking to purchase tickets for Graduation at the Gold Coast Convention Centre, you can do so over the next two weeks from Student Services.

Year 12 General Information

  • The Year 12 Shutdown Calendar has been published on the student drive and school website.
  • Year 12 students are in their last term of schooling. Students and parents need to be aware that the final exit grades are those which will determine their OP, Rank and QCE eligibility and as such Year 12 students need to ensure that they continue to follow the school motto of nil sed optima, nothing but the best, as they complete their last assessments to the best of their ability. Year 12 students only have 4 weeks of classes this term before shutdown in week 5 (5 November). It is imperative that student are present at school every day in the lead up to shutdown.
  • All students need to be aware that all assessment must be completed and that students need to be eligible to achieve the Queensland Certificate of Education to attend the school graduation on 13 November. The last scheduled day of school for Year 12s is Friday 15 November.
  • All Year 12 students should have by now logged onto the Student Connect website. This is the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) record of their learning. Students should check that their details are correct especially their address and that all courses have been registered. The QCAA will issue QCE and OPs in early December. Any issues please contact Ms Ashby in Y block.

Year 10 and 11

  • Year 11 students have commenced Unit 3 work and will complete assessment at the end of this term (excluding English and Maths subjects, which will be finalised early in 2020). Unit 3 and 4 subjects will contribute to students ATAR and both Unit 3 and 4 must be completed at a C level or higher for students to achieve QCE points.
  • All subject changes for Year 11 should now be finalised. The new QCE stipulates that students must pass Unit 3 and 4 as a combined pair and must do all assessment in Unit 3 and 4. This means that students can no longer change classes and must remain in their current classes until they exit school.
  • Senior school admin is currently reviewing the academic performance of 10s and 11s. A reminder again that all students need to be passing at least 5 of their 6 subjects and that students that continue to fail more than 1 class may have their enrolment reviewed.
  • Assessment calendars for Term 4 have been published on the school website under curriculum/testing and assessment.
  • Year 10 and 11 Shutdown exams will commence in the week of 25-29 November. All students may have timetabled exams up to and including the last day (29 November for 10s and 11s).
  • A reminder that all drafts and assignments are due before 9:00am on the due date and that exams cannot be given early to students because of other commitments. Please refer to the School Assessment Policy on the school website for further details.

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