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A message from the School Physio, Inspire Physiotherapy

Inspire_Physio.jpgAs a physio one of the most common questions I get asked is: what is better to apply following an injury, ice or heat?

Since the 1970's, most health professionals lived by the RICER acronym when managing soft tissue injuries, which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation and Refer. This narrative has recently been challenged with many health professionals believing ice may actually be detrimental to healing. So with all this information (and misinformation) out there what is Mum or Dad supposed to do when their child comes home with a sore shoulder etc?

The good news is you most likely not going to do any further damage to the injury whether you apply ice or heat and both can reduce pain significantly. There is no strong evidence to support doing either over doing nothing, there is also no evidence to suggest doing either will delay healing or make the problem worse. My advice is to do what feels best. In my experience working with athletes is that ice tends to help pain and reduce swelling quicker in peripheral joints (shoulders, knees, ankles, wrists etc) while people tend to get more relief from heat with back and neck injuries. Bear in mind that everyone is different.

You can read more about ice and heat and how they effect the body in more detail on my blog.


  1. Ice reduces blood flow and swelling to an injured area and reduces pain
  2. Heat increases blood flow to an injured area an reduces muscle spasm
  3. Early movement promotes faster and more effective healing in absence of significant trauma
  4. The research on the effectiveness of ice and heat on recovery from injury is inconclusive
  5. I find heat works best for backs and necks
  6. I find ice works best for peripheral joints (shoulders, knees, ankles etc)
  7. Do what makes it feel better!

If your child is struggling with a soft tissue injury you can access our FREE Injury Clinic on Monday afternoons (3:00-6:00pm). This free clinic is accessible to all PBC students. Click here to book an appointment online or call/text Matt on 0400 163 609.

The clinic is located at the school tennis courts. Parents and friends are welcome to book appointments for a standard $78.00 fee

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We would like to give a huge shout out to our 2019 PBC Alliance Partners! The support of these amazing businesses, for our students, is hugely appreciated.

Bendigo Bank – Tugun Community Bank Branch

Aurora Training Institute

Prestige Service Training

Griffith University

Leading Teams

Southport Sharks

Veteran Mentors

Choices Media

ACTV Strenth Co

Capital Pest Management

CHG Wealth

Stone Style

Currumbin RSL

Trade Glass

Inspire Physiotherapy

Firewire Surfboards

Tweed Sea Sports


Gold Coast United FC

Bond University

Wilson Haynes Solicitors

Fraser Financial Services

Big Screen Video

Mighty Minds



Burleigh Bears Rugby League

Currumbin Junior Rugby League

Storm Cycles

The Meatsmiths, Elanora

Palm Beach Surf Club