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3 August 2022

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3 August 2022

Dear Parents and Caregivers, 

Sgalippa, Anita.jpgThis week staff have finalised personalised learning records for students who require reasonable adjustments to learning due to disability. This has been part of a system change that will see the Department of Education allocate funding for students with disabilities based on the level of support that the school is currently providing. Documentation of these adjustments is required and future funding will be assessed on these grounds. This system change will take two years to reach full effect. PBC, as an inclusive school, feels well placed to adapt to this change and has supported all teachers to feel more confident in creating these adjustments in learning. This change highlights even more so the need for parents and teachers to work together to support student learning. Sharing with the school a diagnoses or an assessment helps us all to work together. One of the other big changes has been recognition of disability under the national definition which includes diagnosed mental ill-health, such as anxiety and depression, and dyslexia both of which impact a growing number of students.  

Thank you to all the new and existing parents who joined us for the General Enrolment Information Night. The first round of select entry enrolments for Excellence programs has also been completed with a similar number of places going to out of catchment students as the past few years. The school’s Excellence Programs of Sports, Creative Arts and Academics continue to attract significant interest from both in and out of catchment families and this affirms that these programs are still meaningful and engaging for students. The school is grateful for the interest of all families although the quality of applicants certainly makes for tough decisions.

I hope you enjoy the coverage of our annual Track and Field Carnival in this newsletter. It is always a highlight of the PBC calendar.

Anita Sgalippa
Acting Executive Principal

CRICOS Provider Name: The Queensland Department of Education trading as Education Queensland International (EQI) CRICOS Provider Number 00608A

It has been such a delight in my first couple of weeks at PBC. We have had 3 Optima assemblies recognising the hard work and dedication that so many of our students have exhibited throughout Semester 1. We have recognised the sporting, cultural and academic achievements of our students in addition to those with excellent effort and behaviour. Students achieving excellent for effort and behaviour across 5 or more subjects is simply outstanding. This means that they are showing up every day and putting their best foot forward and trying really hard. Having a good work ethic and putting in your best whenever you can, are attributes that will see a young person be successful, not just in school, but throughout life. Well done to all recipients of Optima Awards.

A reminder around our school’s uniform and mobile phone policy. It is important that policies are adhered to, and that parents support us with this. I have asked all teachers to refer any students wearing jewellery or using a mobile phone to D Block, rather than simply asking them to put it away. This ensures that the policy is followed and appropriate consequences are issued for students not complying. Mobile phones are not to be sighted at any point through the school day. If you need to get a message to your child, please phone the school and we will deliver the message. Students will be sent to D block for having their phone visible and if they refuse, will be referred to the Deputy.

I would also like to raise the importance of students following the directions of staff in the playground. This is a large school and when all students are on break at the same time student safety is paramount. Teachers need to be able to give a reasonable instruction, and have it followed without debate or refusal from students. After a teacher has given the student opportunities to do the right thing and follow their instructions, if they continue to refuse or run away, they will be referred to the Deputy and the consequence may be suspension.

Year 9 work experience is coming up in Week 10 and we would like to see as many students as possible engaging in this wonderful opportunity. Work experience can help students to realise their potential future career or path of future study, and this can really help to increase engagement and focus and help to guide senior subject selections. Please encourage your child to contact organisations and small businesses that may align with their interests and secure a placement ASAP, if they haven’t done so already.

I would like to remind parents that students are not permitted to miss class time to watch a Reds game. The Queensland Government clearly identifies what constitutes a reasonable reason to be absent from school and only the Principal has the ability to make the decision regarding reasonable excuses outside of these parameters. Please do not phone the school to request your child leave class to watch a Reds game, as this will not be approved.

I would like to acknowledge the wonderful work of our student leaders over the past couple of weeks. They have put in many hours presenting on our Optima Assemblies and hosting our enrolment information night. These students stand up in front of their peers and do the most amazing job at public speaking and advocating for our school to the best it can be.

Jess Keavney,
Acting Principal, Junior Secondary

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Congratulations to all of our Senior students recognised at the recent mid-year OPTIMA Awards. This was a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge the outstanding performances of our students across academia, sport, the Arts and community service. For our students and staff to work with elite individuals across these pillars is unique to our school and something we value strongly. Thankyou to all families for attending and supporting your student as well. 

Congratulations also to our senior students who came, participated and excelled in the recent Track & Field Carnival - this was a wonderful day filled with energy and fun. Thankyou to our student council for feeding us on the day and well done to all Age Champions and place-getters.


Year 12 Pathways Information Evening

Information has been sent home this week regarding the Year 12 Pathways Information Evening held at the PBC Hall from 5:00pm on Tuesday 9 August. This evening will provide an overview to all Year 12 families on tertiary pathway options, including RTO's and external providers across a range of opportunities - university, TAFE, apprenticeships etc. With all providers present on campus and invaluable information around QTAC applications, this is a night not to be missed.

Year 12 students were all recently presented with a QTAC booklet to research courses for 2023 to begin the process of registering with QTAC and applying for tertiary pathways. Course details are also online at

To support students with their decisions regarding tertiary pathways and work, Griffith University will be conducting a Year 13 and Beyond workshop with our Year 12s from 2:00 to 3:00pm on Monday 8 August.

Griffith University are running an on-campus experience day for PBC's Year 11 and Year 12 students on Wednesday 10 August. This FREE opportunity will allow students to go to Griffith Gold Coast, meet with mentors and Griffith representatives to provide information on what it might be like to attend this University. A bus will be provided to transport students from and returning back to PBC. Students interested in attending need to collect a permission form from Senior Secondary and return it as soon as possible.

A letter was recently sent out to parents and students of Year 12 English, Biology and Legal Studies regarding exam preparation workshops to be conducted at school on Friday 2 September. Students interested in participating in these workshops need to return the permission forms by Monday 1 August.


Year 10 SET Plan Information Evening

Year 10 families have been provided information on the Year 10 SET Plan Information Evening to be held from 6:00pm on Tuesday 9 August. This evening provides essential information in preparing our Year 10 students for senior schooling in the coming years. Present on the night will be staff members from all subject faculties, all tertiary providers and many RTO's. Students will be shown how to select their Year 11 and 12 subjects and an overview of PBC's pathway options will be presented. This is a night not to be missed!


Summary of Upcoming events for Year 12:

  • General Maths and Maths Methods exam on Thursday 4 August
  • Griffith University QTAC and employment session Monday 8 August 2:00 to 3:00pm
  • Pathways information session Tuesday 9 August
  • Griffith University campus visit on Wednesday 10 August
  • First Aid practical training day Wednesday 24 August
  • Connect Education workshops for English Biology and Legal Studies 2 September
  • Shutdown for Mock and Applied exams 5 to 16 September


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2023 London CAX Tour

PBC Arts Excellence is excited to announce the 2023 London CAX Tour to be held in the last 2 weeks of Term 4 2023.

The tour is open to current Arts Excellence students in Years 8-10 from Dance, Drama, Visual Arts and Music and selected Film and TV students. 

An information evening will be held Week 9, Tuesday 6 September in the Theatre.

If you are interested in this opportunity please collect an ‘Expression of Interest’ form from the C Block Arts staffroom.

The tour will provide diverse and rich opportunities for your student  to participate in workshops, visit galleries, museums, historical and cultural landmarks, UK schools and Universities.

Your son/daughter will be immersed in the thriving London Arts scene and it will be an exciting 'once in a lifetime' opportunity.


Dance Excellence

In Term 2, our Dance Excellence team travelled to Coffs Harbour to compete and the Coffs Dance Eisteddfod. The students were awarded the following results:

2 x 1st places

2 x 2nd places

1 x 3rd place

2 x Highly Commended


Dance Cluster Day

On Wednesday 20 July, students in Dance Excellence Fitness travelled to Brisbane for their second cluster day. Students visited the popular dance studio Mad Dance House on Adelaide Street in the City and participated in two dance workshops – Hip-hop and Afro-Fusion. After the classes, students walked across the bridge to Southbank where they were able to enjoy lunch in the popular cultural-precinct.  A fun-filled day for all.


Music Cluster Day

Music Excellence students had the incredible opportunity to meet the one and only John Collins from Powderfinger at renowned Brisbane music venue, The Triffid.  Students were also lucky enough to visit the Jazz Music Institute of Brisbane to meet the course convenor and students to get a taste of life as a full-time musician. After an inspiring morning of performances and workshops at JMI,  John Collins met with students at The Triffid to give an exclusive backstage tour and of course take a photo or two. A huge thank you to the staff who made this day possible for our students, and to JMI and The Triffid for having us!


Visual Arts Cluster Day

On Wednesday of Week 2 the Arts Excellence students had the opportunity to travel to Brisbane and attend 2 fantastic exhibitions at GOMA. The first exhibition was Chiharu Shiota’s ‘The Soul Trembles’ which highlights twenty-five years of her artistic practice. She’s renowned internationally for her transformative, large-scale installations constructed from millions of fine threads that cluster in space or form complex webs that spill from wall to floor to ceiling.

The second exhibition was a real highlight as students got to see our alumni Allie Baldwin, Gabriella Killgariff and Ryan Thwaite in the 2021 Creative Generation Excellence Awards in Visual Art. The exhibition recognises and celebrates the artistic achievements and creative talents of senior high school students from across Queensland. This exhibition showcases the work of the 37 Excellence Award recipients selected in 2021 from over 500 entries submitted by students from metropolitan and regional schools throughout the state. Students were blown away by the both exhibitions.



Scene Project and Drama Excellence Showcase

Last Thursday and Friday Drama students from Years 9-12 held our annual Drama Excellence Showcase Evening here at PBC. The evening was comprised of 2 different performances, Chroma Town by Suzie Miller and Victim. Sidekick. Boyfriend. Me. by Hilary Bell.

After Year 9 and 10 Drama Excellence travelled to Brisbane last Wednesday to perform on the QLD Theatre Company stage as a part of the Scene Project, they performed their work again as a part of the Showcase Evening. Students performed their version of the play ‘Chroma Town’, which explores themes of community, belonging and environmental issues. We were selected as one of 60 schools in Queensland to be a part of the project, and students were able to perform on the QLD Theatre Company stage. We were extremely proud of their achievements, and shared their fabulous work with our school community at the Showcase evening in the Theatre.

Year 11 and 12 Drama Excellence had the pleasure of hosting many wonderful guests on the Q Block Lawn, as they presented their production of Victim. Sidekick. Boyfriend. Me. by Hilary Bell. The production saw students don the roles of vengeful saints and one remorseful villain in a colourful, gripping theatrical production which saw students present to a community audience.

The faculty would like to extend their sincere gratitude to the staff, students and parents involved in bringing these productions to the stage, with special mention to Greg Dunn and Scott Atanasoff for their assistance with the construction of the set for the Senior Performance.  


Instrumental Music

The Instrumental Music Program have had a very exciting Term 2 with performances, workshops, camps and tours and are looking forward to many exciting events coming up later in the year.


The students put on their Band/Strings Reds and headed up to the Glow Auditorium in Ormeau. The students played with outstanding technique and showed the true Reds spirit with excellent musicianship, teamwork and musical skill. Our ensembles were incredible and many received the highest accolades available on the day.

  • Optima Wind Ensemble: Platinum Award

  • Synergy Wind Ensemble: Gold Award

  • Stage Band 1: Platinum Award

  • Stage Band 2: Platinum Award

  • String Ensemble: Bronze Award


Hot Potato Band

Hot Potato are a national big band treasure with instruments ranging from sousaphone to a microphone alternate megaphone, the band has performed at various venues at festivals across the country. Last term, PBC was lucky enough to receive a visit from the band. Their flash mob style entrance into the Q Block theatre didn’t fail to impress. Stage Band 1 and 2 members participated in a workshop with the crew rehearsing their original song ‘Mystery Man”, we then performed along side the band in front of music excellence students and staff.


What’s Next:

  • IM Pre-Eisteddfod Concert – Thursday 4 August

  • Gold Coast Eisteddfod – Weeks 5-6

  • Synergy School Tour – Date TBC

  • PBC Under The Lights – Frdiay 21 October


2022 UQ Philosothon

10 intrepid PBC students from Senior and Junior Secondary recently participated in the 2022 UQ Philosothon among over 200 students from Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The Junior Secondary team placed Runner Up – an outstanding achievement considering the calibre of the students involved.

All teams discussed the following topics: should we aim for immortality, Should we adopt a universal language; is cultural appropriation wrong; what does it mean to have rights. It was a privilege to hear the maturity and sincerity of truly talented students.

Junior Secondary Team: Cayla Blakey, Owen Browne, Chelsea Crossan, Calan McEwan, Bradley Munro and Harry Zwegers,

Senior Team: Max Barber, Cass Goyne, Jake Matsushita and Lilika Yamada


PBC Debaters win Gold Coast Final

PBC Junior debate teams have had a very successful year in the Gold Coast Debating Association Competition with many successes. In particular PBC 3 won their final debate and were undefeated 6 times! The final topic was 'That children under 16 should be banned from social media.' It was a secret subject/short preparation which means the team planned and wrote their winning four minute speeches in an hour and a half. They were eloquent, well-informed and funny. Very impressed.

Congratulations to Feb Browne, Avalon Rengel, Isla Gordon and Isla Till


The senior boys AFL excellence team headed down to Melbourne this term to play Hallam Secondary College. It was a fantastic effort by the boys who came out on top 33.10 to 2.3 with some outstanding individual and team passages of play.

Students visited the Australian Sports Museum at the home of football, the MCG and stayed overnight before playing on the following day in what was an awesome bonding opportunity. They gained valuable experience getting outside their comfort zone, tested by the coldest Melbourne morning in 4 years and preparing for new opposition.

Year 7 Optima awards 

Year 8 Optima awards 

Year 9 Optima awards 

Senior Optima Awards 

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Another amazing Track and Field Carnival during week 3, where the sun was shining and the students were having fun. We had the most participation in the Track and Field events that we have seen for many years and we witnessed some amazing athletic performances by our students.

School records were broken by Mathew Perry (12 Boys HJ), Bobby Kennealy Flegler (1500m), Thewbelle Philp (100m), Thomas O’Brien (400m), Charlotte Hart (3000m) and Sienna Bush (3000m)

It was a golden day for the SPARTANS who came home with the overall Track and Field House Trophy – the first time they have won it! – narrowly edging out the Phoenicians by 13 points.

Huge congratulations to our AGE CHAMPIONS:

  • 12 Girls – Lily Moana (P)
  • 12 Boys – Tyrese Bake (S)
  • 13 Girls – Savannah Bush (S)
  • 13 Boys – Bobby Kennealy Flegler (S)
  • 14 Girls – Sienna Bush (S)
  • 14 Boys – Zeke Zimmerle (A)
  • 15 Girls – Skyla Keith (S)
  • 15 Boys – Baeden Black (V)
  • 16 Girls – Charlotte Hart (V)
  • 16 Boys – Ryan Davis (V)
  • Open Girls – Eva Pietraszkiewicz (V)
  • Open Boys – Isaac Dixon (V) 

120 of our athletes will now go to the Oceanic District Track and Field taking place this week at Runaway Bay – Good Luck to all those students.


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Don't forget to sign up to these fantastic House Camps, set to take place in Week 10 of Term 4. All Junior Students are invited to take part for a fantastic experience full of fun and adventure with their peers. There will be team building, camp fires, adventure courses, hiking, movie nights, rock climbing, kayaking, archery, high ropes, fun, fun, fun!! Camp information has already been sent home. Get your forms in so you don't miss out!

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Junior Secondary Guidance Officer – Anna Willis


Senior Secondary Guidance Officer – Steve Jones

Read the attached article for the latest information targeted to senior students of careers and pathway information.


School Based Youth Health Nurse

School Based Youth Health Nurse-

Hilary Wilson (Mon, Tues)

Vanessa Bradley (Tues, Wed)

School Nurse appointments

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We encourage parents/caregivers to email your student’s excellent recent achievements to us. These achievements can be in the Arts, sporting, academic or community service. We would love to hear from you! Please email us at with details of your student’s achievement and include at least one photo, and/or any links to media articles that we can share.

State Cross Country

Congratulations to those students who competed for South Coast at the State Cross Country event this weekend at Rivermount College. 6 of the 9 PBC students who competed qualified for the Queensland School Sport at the National Championships in Adelaide in August. All of the students also medalled in the State Cross Country Relays representing the South Coast 

  • Sienna Bush 1st 14 Girls
  • Savannah Bush 4th 13 Girls
  • Ethan Gray 4th Open Boys
  • Taj Murray 4th 13 Boys
  • Charlotte Hart 4th 16 Girls
  • Bobby Kennealy Flegler 6th
  • Hunter Anderson 10th 14 Boys
  • Maddy McPherson 15th 13 Girls
  • Max Chislett 25th 17 Boys


National AFL Championships

Congratulations to the 4 Reds, Aleah Stringer, Jamie Collins, Alannah Welsh and Izzy Boucher who were part of the winning QLD AFL 15Yrs State Team which played at the National AFL Championships last week. Not only did the QLD girls win the championship, they were undefeated in all 5 games. They also created history by being the first QLD girls team to win the championship. Alannah was also awarded the Schoolgirls’s Player of the Championship -The Helen ‘Squizzy’ Taylor Medal. What a fantastic result for these awesome Reds!

Congratulations also to the Reds who played with the QLD U15 State AFL Team at the Championships, Kai Covino, Ethan Willett, Zac Eckersley, Jai Murray, Jack Jovanovic, Dylan Patterson.

Huge congratulations also to Alannah Welsh and Jai Murray who were selected in the All Australian Team.


Netball Excellence

Congratulations to the following Reds who have been selected to compete in the Netball Qld Nissan State Age Comp.

  • For USQ Ipswich Jets 18U - Ocean Karekare
  • For GC Titans 18U - Abby Boland & Dakota Newson
  • For GC Titans 16U - Charlotte Kirisitina Jarvis, Summer Woods, Tahli Barends and as TP Taylah Clark

The Nissan 16U & 18U State Titles will be held at Nissan Arena from 29 September. Good luck REDS!


Congratulations to Millah Stanley, Year 8 on being selected for the inaugural First Nations Vicki Wilson Shield netball team. Good luck Millah!


Basketball Excellence

Congratulations and good luck to both Amelia Andrews and Cyra (Kiki) Iliuk, part of PBC’s basketball sports excellence program; who are playing for gold this Friday as they represent Gold Coast City at the finals of Div 1 open women’s Queensland State League. QSL is a development avenue for NBL.


Soccer Excellence


Congratulations to PBC’s Milan Della Bosca who represented South Coast at the U12 State Football Championships at Wynnum.


QLD Oz Tag State Cup

Congratulations to PBC's Jamie Ball Year 10. Earlier in the year Jamie represented Miami Raptors at the QLD Oz Tag State Cup Under 18’s Men’s along with his brother Taylor Ball (alumni 2021). They came away undefeated over the weekend claiming the Gold. Both boys where then selected to represent Jesters at the QLD Oz Tag Super Series just before the school holidays where they managed to secure the win. Both boys have now since been selected to represent QLD in the U18’s Merit team.

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Reminiscing - 50 Years of PBC Arts



It’s been 50 years since Palm Beach Currumbin State High opened on the banks of the Currumbin Estuary. 50 years of dances, musicals, exhibitions, stage shows, eisteddfods and concerts. 50 years of state, national and international representation on stages, television screens, galleries, concert halls and festivals across the world. 50 years of amazing memories, innovative productions and stunning performances that have inspired and continue to inspire those of us who were there, and the next generation of those who hope to follow in their footsteps.

It’s time for us to reminisce…

Join us on Saturday 3 September for an Arts spectacular, celebrating 50 years of the Arts at PBC.

Featuring the best that PBC has offered over the last 50 years, we will be reminiscing the work of our best and brightest from PBC’s artistic foundations, seeing where they are now, and looking ahead at what the future holds for the next 50 years.

Be entertained by current creative arts excellence students, past practitioners and alumni on multiple stages and in multiple venues, including:

- Art galleries
- Film installations
- Street theatre
- Site-specific dance
- Buskers
- Concerts
- Cash bar
- Food trucks
- A complimentary drink and appetisers on arrival

The evening will culminate in a major showcase celebrating the performance highlights of the last half a century at PBC.

Featuring appearances by Courtney Monsma (Anna, Australian production of “Frozen – The Musical”); Cassidy Mackie (The Voice Australia 2022); Sheldon Riley (Eurovision 2022); Emily Monsma (Glinda, “Wicked – The Musical”); Vivien Carter (Lead Performer on The West End, London) and many more past and present PBC Arts students!

Tickets are just $25 and are limited for this once-in-a-half-century event. All our current Arts students will love to attend this show and be inspired by who has gone before them. Purchase your tickets here:

We invite you to reminisce with us…


2022 Restaurant Nights! 



Our hugely popular Restaurant Nights are back! Book your tickets to this wonderful evening of being hosted by our hospitality students and staff for an amazing 3 course meal. Restaurant Nights will be held on Wednesday 31 August and Thursday 1 September with three sitting times. Tickets are just $45 and drinks are available to purchase on the night. Email Ms Maher on to secure your places.


2023 London CAX Tour

PBC Arts Excellence is excited to announce the 2023 London CAX Tour to be held in the last 2 weeks of Term 4 2023. The tour is open to current Arts Excellence students in years 8-10 from Dance, Drama, Visual Arts and Music and selected Film and TV students. 

An information evening will be held Week 9, Tuesday 6th September in the Theatre. If you are interested in this opportunity please collect an ‘Expression of Interest’ form from the C Block Arts staffroom. The tour will provide diverse and rich opportunities for your student  to participate in workshops, visit galleries, museums, historical and cultural landmarks, UK schools and Universities. Your son/daughter will be immersed in the thriving London Arts scene and will be an exciting once in a lifetime opportunity.


2022 QATSIF Graduation

On 1 August our year 12 QATSIF scholarship students attended a Graduation ceremony at Bond University. These students have been receiving support through QATSIF to assist with completing their QCE. The money is funded by the interest earned on the money from the Stolen Wages of Queensland workers. Tanu Nona was one of the hosts on the day and Eleanor Fay and Ky Ferguson took part in the ceremony by lighting the Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal candles. Congratulations to the following Year 12 QATSIF recipients who have worked hard to maintain their grades and attendance and are almost through their high school journey. 

  • Asha Strang
  • Ashley Hayes
  • Asia Khan
  • Bailey McConnell
  • Bella Montagnese
  • Caitlin Wallace
  • Charli Smith
  • Corben Atanasovski
  • Eleanor Fay
  • Hayley McKinley
  • Jakeem Thompson
  • Jett Forbes
  • Kane McKinley
  • Ky Fergusan
  • Lillian Behan
  • Michael Roberts
  • Oscar Woods
  • Ruby Collister
  • Seth Griffiths
  • Taj Wood
  • Tanu Nona
  • Tyrell Appo
  • Zali Riley


PBC P&C Association




Enterntainment Memberships

Purchase your Entertainment Membership and help support PBC's P&C raise funds for our improvements to our school.


PBC Staff Raise Money for Cancer Council

On Friday 10 June PBC held a special event to support the Cancer Council, Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. It was wonderful to see many staffrooms support this special cause. In total PBC raised $529.00, well done to all of the staffrooms who got involved.


School Opinion Survey

All parents/caregivers would have received a link to complete the School Opinion Survey via email. If you haven't already, please complete this survey which will help our school make changes to best suit our students and our community.


Link and Launch

Got a plan for after school with work and study?

Leaving school after graduation from Year 12 can be both exciting and scary. There are a lot of opportunities for study, work and training, but it can be confusing to work out what you want to do and how to make it happen.

Link and Launch is a school-based program funded by the Queensland Government that is here to help you start, stay on track, get support and see results for a successful post-school transition.

Your PBCSHS Link and Launch Manager Elaine Braniff assists you to navigate a range of post-school education, training and work options in line with your individual goals, aspirations, skills and strengths.

Want some help?

The totally free Link and Launch program can help you find out what’s available and how to get there. Through Link and Launch we can help you weigh up your options and work with you until you are successfully linked to your future pathway. You can contact Elaine on 0467 951 239 or email to make an appointment and get started.

Who can attend? 

You can!

As a current Year 12 student looking to graduate soon – we can steer you towards your ideal post school transition pathway.

‘Call or text today to talk about ‘your tomorrow’


PBC Optima Magazines!

50 Years Optima Magazine

The 50 Years Optima magazine is just $30 and is now on sale. There are 40 pages of PBC history all in one place and definitely a great keep sake for every RED!

These are available to purchase/collect from our Finance office or Uniform Shop. Huge thank you to PBC alumni Tahlia Moana and Michelle Hardwick plus PBC teacher Courtney Underwood for all their help getting this Optima together Thanks also to all the amazing PBC alumni, staff, ex-staff and community supporters that all contributed photos and memories.

2021 Optima Magazine

If your students didn't already pick up a copy of the 2021 Optima magazine, it is not too late. At just $30, this fantastic record of 2021 PBC action is on sale from the Uniform Shop and from our Finance Window. Grab your copy today.

2022 Optima Magazine

The 2022 Optima Magazine is currently being put together and celebrates PBC in 2022. All the action, success, celebrations, students, staff and happy memories will be covered and is an excellent keepsake for every Red.

The pre-order form is below, if you haven't already, complete this form and pre-purchase your student's copy before they are printed in November 2022. Your student will receive their copy via their care class mid November. 

Please note that Year 12 students will receive a copy as a parting gift and do not need to purchase it!


International Homestay Families Needed

Got a spare room? Ever thought of being a Homestay host? Homestay families come in all shapes and sizes... they are married couples with or without kids, singles, singles with kids and grandparents too. Everyone has an opportunity to play a part in sharing their life, home and provide memories and cultural experiences to an international high school student.

Get paid more than $320 a week caring for one of our International high school students in your home.

Community Homestay Event Details

  • Gold Coast Alliance
  • Monday 8 August
  • 6:15 pm to 7:15 pm followed by a light evening refreshments and networking
  • Quest Robina: 3 Centreline Place, Robina QLD 4226

To register please contact Justin Roberts ( or 0406 751 047 or via this registration link.

Please contact Corinne Vanput at PBC for more information at Find out more


PBC Tennis Courts – Available to hire


Love tennis!

PBC's tennis courts are now open to the public to book. Our new lights make it a great venue for a night game. Local, inexpensive and convenient.

How To:


Follow PBC on Social Media

Our social media accounts are the best way to stay connected with the daily happenings of our school. We will upload any important messages, reminders, student achievements and general action. With posts every day this a great way to celebrate our awesome school. If you have any news about your student that you would like to share please message us via Direct Message on Instagram, Messenger on Facebook or email to

Instagram @PBCSHS

Facebook @PalmBeachCurrumbinStateHigh and @PBCAlliance


Dates to Remember

9 Aug - Year 10 SETP Information Night

9 Aug - Year 12 Pathways Information Night

10 Aug - GC5 Cluster Day

15 Aug - Year 10 SETP Interviews

16 Aug - P&C Meeting

19 Aug - PBC Alliance Breakfast

26 Aug - Gold Coast Show Holiday

2 Sep - Student Free Day

3 Sep - Reminiscing - 50 Years of PBC Arts 

Tuesday 17 May P&C Meeting at the Currumbin RSL


Our next PBC Alliance Business Networking Breakfast ($20) is on Friday 19 August. Come along, listen to our guest speakers while enjoying a delicious meal and network with like minded people while supporting a wonderful cause… PBC students!

Friday, 19 August 2022
PBC Trade Training Centre

Key speakers:

Guest Speaker: Hilary Jacobs, President - Southern Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce

Business Showcase Speaker: Joel Mulvenney, Director (& PBC Alumni) Grip Star Socks

PBC Productions Teacher: Tom Pasley


Neil Mackay, Founding member of PBC Alliance

Hilary has been the Centre Manager at The Pines since 2012 and was an active member of the Creek to Creek Chamber Committee, which she joined in 2013. Hilary became President of the Creek to Creek Chamber in 2015 and guided the Chamber through it's merger in 2016 with the Southern Gold Coast Chamber, when the Chamber was renamed The Greater Southern Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce and Hilary was elected as the new President of the merged Chamber. Hilary will discuss commercial trends, employment opportunities and business health for our local area.

Joel is a PBC alumni, class of 2001, and Director of both Grip Star Socks and REDi-lite. Grip Star Socks are a Platinum Partner with the PBC Alliance supporting our Sports Excellence students with the best sports socks on the planet, Grip Star Socks. Hear about Joel’s journey from a PBC student to being a Director of more than one business and why he has chosen to ‘give-back’ to PBC and its students

A full seasonal breakfast is prepared and served by our senior hospitality students under the management and direction of our professional and experienced hospitality teachers. All dietary requirements can be catered for.

Thank you to all our amazing community partners and members for regularly attending our business breakfasts and helping these events be successful. These events are a key platform providing a great opportunity for the community to connect with each other as well as Palm Beach Currumbin State High student leaders and key staff members. The popularity of our breakfasts highlight the wonderful support for our school and we are very grateful. Many business connections are regularly made between guests that result in beneficial relationships, it's win-win!

To RSVP click here. Please be sure to indicate any dietary requirements.

We are always looking for lucky door prizes. If you would like to donate a prize please email Heidi Wallace at We will happily promote any business sponsoring our Lucky Door Prizes at the breakfast. These prizes are always very popular and highly anticipated.


Partner Spotlight!

Finance Services


The Community Bank Tugun are Platinum Partners and huge supporters of PBC students! From sponsoring the PBC Bus to supporting our Sustainability program Comedy Writing program and our Financial Literacy program, the Community Bank are long time supporters that have made many projects come to life to help our students reach their potential.

Since the branch opened February 2003 we have made ​$1.7 Million in Community Contributions. Providing communities with a sustainable future. There is an overarching philosophy behind much of the work carried out by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank in both its day-to-day banking activities and in the work it does with Australian communities on activities unrelated to banking. In particular, our Community Bank® initiative continues to resonate with customers and their communities a decade after it was first introduced. Community Bank® branches provide communities with more than just quality banking services – they deliver employment opportunities for local people, keep local capital in the community, are a local investment option for shareholders and provide a source of revenue for important community projects determined by the local community. Visit the Community Bank Tugun here:



Fraser Financial Services are founding PBC Alliance Partners supporting our AFL Excellence Sports Program with training tools and funds. Fraser Financial Services was established in January 1998 and acts as Mortgage Brokers and Finance Brokers on the Gold Coast. The business prides itself on integrity and a genuine interest for our clients in assisting them with all their financial needs by utilising our resources of financial and insurance products. Whether you reside on the Gold Coast or live interstate Fraser Financial hope to assist you with your mortgage for that new property purchase or get you behind the wheel of that new car or truck or purchase that new piece of Equipment to better operate your business.

​Fraser Financial Services acts on YOUR behalf, our loyalty is to the customer in providing the BEST SERVICE we can offer. Let us sift thru the finance jargon, rates, terms and conditions to decipher YOUR best options. We want to make your financial experience a pleasant one. Call now for a quote - It could be easier than you think. Visit Fraser Financial Services here: 



BOQ Elanora is a new Reds Supporter in 2022, keen to support PBC students. BOQ Elanora is an owner managed local branch that assists clients with their everyday banking needs. Personalised service and no 1300 number. Experienced staff in all facets of banking, insurance, lending with over 137 year experience. Come and have a chat, we'd love to help you. Visit BOQ here: 


Thank you to the amazing businesses that support PBC!

For more information on all the great businesses that support PBC Students click on their names below or visit our Business Directory here: 

These amazing businesses are supporting PBC students with their education in many different ways. This support assists many PBC programs and students directly ensuring all have the opportunity to reach their potential. Please support those that support our students.

Keep an eye on this section of the newsletter each issue for a spotlight on some of our fantastic partners.


Aurora Training Institute

Bendigo Bank Tugun Community Branch

Find Ya Feet

Gold Coast Titans

Grip Star Socks

SmileStreet Coolangatta

Synergy Fitness

Tweed Sea Sports


Annabel Trends

Belle Property - Rhys Wildermoth

Capital Pest Management

Prestige Services Training

Southport Sharks

Stone Style

MSP Photography


99 Bikes Burleigh

Balloonery Gold Coast

Coles The Pines

Currumbin RSL

LJ Hooker Palm Beach

Michael Hart MP, Member for Burleigh

Palm Beach Surf Club


PFD Food Distributors

The Foot and Balance Centre

Trade Glass


Burleigh Bears Rugby League Club

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Dental Haus - Nash Dawson

Fraser Financial Services

Southern Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce

McDonalds The Pines

Meatsmiths The Pines

PFD Food Distributors

Platinum Realty - Alicia Kropkowski

Snap Fitness Palm Beach

Stacks Law


City Venue Management

CVM Academy

Fight 4 Youth

Razor Edge Sharpening

VMA Promotional Products

Youth Music Venture


Bond University

Griffith University

Gold Coast TAFE

Southern Cross University


PBC Alliance Business Directory – support our local businesses


PBC Alliance Business Directory

If you are looking to support our local businesses and local community when looking for a product or service look no further than the PBC Alliance Business Directory. All of our Partners and Member businesses are listed in this directory and are looking to help you whereever they can. All are supporters of our students and local so please support those that support PBC.

Would your business like to support our students? Become a Partner today. If you are interested in learning more about the PBC Alliance visit our website!

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SRS Fees

SRS Fees to list the instalment dates:

1st Instalment (Term 1) - Monday 24 January 2022 - OVERDUE

2nd Instalment (Term 2) - Tuesday 19 April 2022 - OVERDUE

3rd Instalment (Term 3) - Monday 11 July 2022 - OVERDUE

Make payments the quick and easy way using BPOINT. Visit, follow the prompts or phone BPOINT on 1300 631 073.

Parents/caregivers experiencing financial difficulty can email Finance on

Payment plan options are available including Centrepay - a service to families whereby periodic payments can be made to the school or Direct Debit via credit card (monthly). Paperwork is available from the Finance Office to activate either of these plans.



Payment method 1:

BPOINT - This link can be found on the bottom left hand side of your invoice, please click on the link and follow instructions.

Payment method 2:

Qparents – Sign up or Log into your account. Locate your invoice and follow instructions to pay.

For more information - Qparents

Payment method 3:

Internet Banking via direct transfer into the school bank account.

School's Bank Account: Palm Beach Currumbin SHS General A/C

BSB: 064 404 

Account Number: 00090303

Reference/details: Please record the "student name &/or Invoice reference" in the reference/details section so that your payment can be recorded correctly. 

Please visit our website for further information -  Payments

If you are seeking assistance regarding your account, payments plans or experiencing financial difficulty please email


Finance Office Window Operating Hours

Over the counter payments can only be accepted between 8:00am and 1:00pm on Tuesday to Thursday. Alternatively, you can make payments via BPOINT from your invoice or statement or Direct Deposit. CLOSED Mondays & Fridays

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You For 2032 – Queensland Academy of Sport


In partnership with Sports, the Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) is on a mission to systematically unearth and develop Queensland’s most talented athletes and prepare them for success in 2032.

To be eligible for Youfor2032 you must be:

  • 13 to 23-years old (born between 1999 – 2009 inclusive) for Olympic Sports, or
  • 13 to 30-years old (born between 1992 – 2009 inclusive) for Paralympic Sports. 

It doesn’t matter whether you have experience in any of these sports – you may have hidden talents yet to be discovered. Athletic ability coupled with a great attitude to excel are the key ingredients needed for #Youfor2032.

The QAS will begin their state-wide talent identification screening beginning on 13 May 2022 and will unfold over a 12-month period. During this time, generic testing followed by sport specific testing will unfold to match those participants who possess elite potential to the Sport of best fit.

Following sport specific testing, a small number of Youfor2032 participants will be provided with a three-month trial period within the Sport they are best matched to, to further examine their potential.

Those successful in being selected for the program will receive expert training, coaching and development support from State and National Sporting Organisations as well as the QAS.



Kirra SLSC Nippers 2022/23 Sign On


Kirra Nippers is an all-inclusive, family-focused club. We provide some of the best training on the Gold Coast with our nipper Sunday rotation system. All juniors are included in rotating through 4 activity and education stations each Sunday session. Kirra SLSC has won many medals & awards in recent years which is a testament to the level of education & training our club provides. We offer free training sessions for those who want to experience more than their Sunday sessions to further enhance their surf skills.

Saturday 3rd September 2022 at Currumbin State School Pool. 10.30am -12.30pm

Nippers season start Kirra SLSC Sunday 18 September, 2022 8:45 am – 11am

Fees paid at sign-on days:

  • $60 U6&7
  • $70 U8-U14
  • $90 per nipper parent for Associate membership.
    At least 1 parent must also become an Associate member.
    $230 per family of 4 (at the same address)

Further info

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