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12 October 2020

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12 October 2020

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Capra_Christopher.jpgTerm 4 has commenced with a flurry of learning, revision, sport, performances and construction. For those who have visited the school or who attend the markets will see that air-conditioners are being installed around the school.  As a part of the government commitment, our classrooms are all due to be air-conditioned by the end of the school year.  The size of the project will result in disruptions to normal classroom allocations and students will have some of their rooms moved during the term.  We have negotiated with the contractors not to impact on the final few Year 12 lessons and their exam block. With the electrical upgrades and air-conditioning installation, new compliance stickers for asbestos awareness are being placed on walls and doors.  The stickers do not represent an asbestos event, they are just an awareness tool.

The Queensland Government has recently announced that Thursday 10 and Friday 11 of December will be Student Free Days in 2020.  This means that students in Years 7 to 9 will finish school on Wednesday 9 December. 

Congratulations to:

  • Senior Basketball Girls – Runners-up Open State Final
  • Senior Basketball Boys – Runners-up Division 2 State Final
  • Senior Netball Girls – Final 16 in State Netball
  • Junior Netball Girls – Final 16 in State Netball
  • U13s Touch Girls - Semi Finalists in State Touch
  • U15s Touch Girls - Semi Finalists in State Touch
  • Opens Touch Girls - Quarter Finalists in State Touch

We now look forward to

  • Dance Excellence Showcases
  • Visual Arts Exhibitions
  • AFL Finals
  • Annual Awards Nights for Years 11/12, Years 9/10 and Years 7/8

Chris Capra
Executive Principal

CRICOS Provider Name: The Queensland Department of Education trading as Education Queensland International (EQI) CRICOS Provider Number 00608A

Year 12

Year 12 students are only required to attend school to complete revision lessons in General subjects.

Students in Essential subjects that missed the Common Internal Assessment at the end of Term 1 due to Covid 19 will also have to attend selected revision sessions in the lead up to the exam on 23 October.

All other Applied and VET assessment should by now be finalised.

Year 12 students will have External Assessment for General subjects from Monday 26 October through to Tuesday 17 November.

The school website has a section which contains all the details regarding upcoming External Exams .

The QCAA has recently released a detailed guide for External Assessment, which has been published on the school website.

Students need to be familiar with the timetable, directions for students, equipment and calculator requirements included in these documents.

The whole PBC community is wishing all our Year 12s the best as they prepare for these assessments.

All Year 12 students have been emailed their LUI number and should by now have logged onto their QCAA learning account in the QCAA student portal. This is accessed via the myQCE website  Students need to ensure that they use a personal email to register, as they will not have access to their school email at the end of the year. Student results will be published by the QCAA directly into their learning account on 19 December.

This is the first year of ATAR scores which will be calculated and published by QTAC. All ATAR students that wish to have their ATAR sent to them on 19 December need to register with QTAC, again using a personal email .

Year 10 and 11

Year 11 students have commenced Unit 3 work and will complete summative assessment in the majority of subjects at the end of this term. Unit 3 and 4 subjects will contribute to students ATAR and both Unit 3 and 4 must be completed at a C level or higher for students to achieve QCE points.

This is the last opportunity that Year 11 students have to change subjects. Any students wishing to change should contact Mr McDougall or Mr Dixon as soon as possible.

Senior school admin is currently reviewing the academic performance of 10s and 11s. A reminder again that all students need to be passing at least 5 of their 6 subjects and that students that continue to fail more than 1 class may have their enrolment reviewed.

Assessment calendars for Term 4 will soon be published on the school website under Curriculum/Testing and Assessment.

Year 10 and 11 Shutdown exams will commence in the week of 23 to 27 November. All students may have timetabled exams up to and including the last day (27 November for 10s and 11s).

A reminder that all drafts and assignments are due before 9:00am on the due date and that exams cannot be given early to students because of other commitments. Please refer to the school assessment policy on the school website for further details.

A reminder that all Year 11 students must have passed a Unit of English and Maths by the end of Unit 2.

School based traineeships available

New exciting traineeship opportunities are available in the Pathways Centre Y Block for year 10’s for Term4. Job boards will be updated regularly with new positions. Students can collect a registration form and apply now.  Get paid while gaining a qualification when doing a school based traineeship and earn up to 8 QCE points!! A variety of traineeships are on offer with a focus on business, hospitality, retail and tourism

Hospitality and Business Traineeships:

  • Chempro Chemist - Tugun & The Strand Coolangatta
  • The Parkway Café – New Venue Robina
  • Ground Café Coolangatta
  • COWCH dessert and cocktail bar Pacific Fair
  • Gold Coast Wake Park - Oxenford
  • PRA Psychology Consulting Mermaid Beach
  • KFC – Palm Beach, Mermaid Beach & Robina
  • Plantation House Café West Burleigh - Tuesdays
  • Coming Home Co Robina Kitchens
  • Paddock Bakery Burleigh
  • Soul Origin Robina
  • Pizzeria Coolangatta
  • Active Earth Nut and Seeds – Burleigh
  • The Pines News and Gifts Elanora
  • Garden of Vegan Burleigh hospitality and cookery focused
  • Grind Me Coffee Miami
  • City Beach Robina & Surfers Paradise
  • Third Base Coffee Robina
  • Love Italy – Surfers Paradise
  • Passiontree Velvet Robina and Pacific Fair
  • Paperbark Burleigh
  • Crema Espresso Coolangatta
  • The Original Bakery Tugun
  • Guzmen Y Gomez Burleigh
  • IGA Currumbin

Gold Coast Skydive – Cert 3 Business to suit a students interested in the industry

Surf Easy Currumbin – Cert 3 Business suit student with surfing background

Cert 3 Early Childhood – Little Scholars Burleigh

Cert 3 Hairdressing – Local Salons in Coolangatta to Broadbeach

City Venue Management Head office Miami

Trainees will undertake a range of tasks and make their way through departments including administration, HR, finance, marketing, training, and operations. They will assist in working across multiple brands including, but not limited to, CVM Academy, City Venue Management, City Aquatics, and Health Clubs, Rackley Swimming, Silk Laundry, Base Active, City Sport, and Halogen Pools.

Reece Plumbing – Nerang and Oxenford

Two new vacancies, one at Reece Irrigation & Pools Gold Coast (Oxenford) and the other at Reece Civil Nerang. This school based traineeship position is open to current year 10 students to partake in a Certificate II in Warehousing Operations and requires the successful student to work one school day per week along with the Saturday morning. Students are able to apply via the links below.

School based vacancies links:

Ignite Education:

Aurora Training Institute please visit their vacancy page:

Prestige Training Services vacancies, Please visit this link for more opportunities

School Leavers should check the following links for fulltime employment opportunities

Year 12’s are invited to leave their details with the Pathway Centre, when potential employers are looking for staff at the end of the year, students will receive this information in text/emails. 

There are more opportunities on the job boards. Please come into Y Block to register.

Love your current job? Would you like to turn it into a traineeship? Come to the Pathway centre and let’s see if we can create a traineeship for you in your current role.

The Pathway Centre is open before school and first break to apply for any of the above positions

Sonia Shreeve - Industry Liaison Officer

Welcome back for Term 4. Junior secondary is expecting a successful and productive term working with our students. Term 4 is closely linked with our key celebrations for the year as we are sure to achieve wonderful results both in the classroom and out. I know that the next nine weeks will pass very quickly for us all. Whilst some adjustments will be made to celebrations we look forward to sharing these events with you whilst aligning with COVID safe guidelines.

This week we have covered our not negotiable again with our students at assemblies, we like to take this time each term to remind students of our high expectations for their attendance, classroom effort and behaviour. We have linked these messages to our Optima Code – Be safe, be respectful and be a learner.

Please be aware our planning and preparation for 2021 is well and truly underway.

  • Review of class composition including gathering student and teacher input on this.
  • Review and enhancement of our literacy and numeracy classroom routines.
  • Review of pastoral care model to enhance student wellbeing and engagement.
  • Comprehensive Transition plan to support our incoming Year 7 students into PBC  including a plan for the first four weeks of Year 7.

2020 Student Engagement and Wellbeing Survey Pilot

In Week 4, Year 8 students will participate in a Student Engagement and Wellbeing Survey. We know that wellbeing and engagement are important parts of your child’s life at school. Our school, and the department, want to support students in the best way possible and are looking at improved ways to accurately collect information on these important topics.

The Student Engagement and Wellbeing Survey pilot is a new tool designed to measure how Queensland students view aspects of their wellbeing and engagement. Results from this survey will provide an indication of our students’ levels of wellbeing and engagement, allowing us to determine how we can best support our students and meet their needs.

This is the first pilot of the survey and is only available to select schools across Queensland. The survey is voluntary and will take students approximately 30 minutes to complete during class time.

What is the survey about?

The survey measures many aspects of students’ wellbeing, engagement and experience at school. It includes questions about resilience, school climate, sense of belonging, motivation and perseverance, academic self-concept, personal social capabilities, general life satisfaction, future outlook and aspirations, relationships with peers, with teachers and at home, and general health.

Junior Maths

This term Year 7, 8 and 9 mainstream mathematics assessment will consist of an exam. Please see below for assessment due dates:

Junior Secondary Term 3 Mainstream Mathematics Assessment





Exam - Measures of Central Tendency & Geometric Reasoning 

Date: Lesson 3, Week 8


Exam  - Congruency, Linear Equations, Rates and Ratios

Date: Lesson 3, Week 8


Exam - Probability, Index Laws, Scientific Notation and Timescales

Date: Lesson 3, Week 8

Goal setting and self-reported grades are proven to have a large positive impact on student achievement. Have your child predict how they will perform on the end of term math examination then ask them to set a goal. Please see the Visible Learning website for further information.

Please prompt your child to do a quick stocktake of their equipment. Whether it be needing new notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers or a calculator your child will not be as successful as they could be if they were properly prepared for each lesson.

Riddle Time

Bianca Deague
Junior Secondary Head of Mathematics

Senior Maths

Focusing on Simple Familiar

Over the last few years working in the new senior maths system, we have discovered that while systems may change students are still benefited by focussing on strong foundations in maths. Students largely will stress over the most challenging of questions and lose focus on the fundamental skills and short change themselves.

Simple Familiar Definition:

Problems of this degree of difficulty require students to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the subject matter and application of skills in a situation where:

  • relationships and interactions are obvious and have few steps; and
  • all of the information to solve the problem is identifiable; that is the required procedure is clear from the way the problem is posed, or in a context that has been a focus of prior learning.

Benefits of focussing on Simple Familiar

  1. 60% of all maths exams will be comprised of simple familiar problems (80% in Essential Maths)
  2. Mastering Simple Familiar will give a much stronger grounding and students therefore largely perform better in Complex questions.
  3. Students gain a more realistic and confident indication of their ability rather than the clouded, anxiety driven mindset the more difficult questions give rise to.

Our senior maths teachers will continue to first focus on getting their students to master Simple Familiar first at the same time ensuring every student gets exposure to all other levels of question types. This will ensure we are building confidence in our students and giving them the opportunities to achieve their best success.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Trent Hage
Senior Secondary Head of Mathematics

PBC 2020 Optima Yearbook

The Optima Yearbook for 2020 is currently being finalised and will be full of fantastic memories and reminders of a crazy 2020. If you haven't already pre-ordered the Yearbook for your students please complete this form and return it to the Cashier's window before 26 October to ensure you will receive a copy.

Year 12 students will receive a copy as a parting gift so are not required to order one.

There will be extra copies printed for those that haven't pre-ordered but these will be limited and sold on a first come first serve basis.


PBC Gig Night


Gig Night 2020 is to be held at Soundlounge. The event is now live and tickets are officially available with 2 showing options. Please note that people are asked to attend only ONE show only. This is in order to give the performing students as much exposure as possible, and tickets are limited to 100 per show due to COVID. Click the links below to secure your tickets and don't miss out on this fantastic event showcasing so much PBC talent! You can find clickable links on our Facebook page and in our latest newsletter available on our website.



Spark their future

Are you the parent of a child who struggles at school or refuses to go to school? When children are struggling to engage at school, parental support and guidance can make all the difference. The Spark their Future website offers information and resources to help parents support their children to attend school and enjoy learning. Find out how to help your child make the most of their education by visiting #sparktheirfuture


Student Attendance – Term 4

Each parent of a child who is of compulsory school age has the legal obligation to ensure children are enrolled and attend school on every school day.


Full Day

Parents/Caregivers must notify the school and provide an explanation of a student absence by 9.00am on the day of the absence. 

The priority for notification is:

TEXT MESSAGE – (0426305728) – provide student name, year level date and reason for absence

Example Text – “John Smith Y8 03/06/19 Sick”

If texting is not possible, you can:

EMAIL – – provide student name, date and reason for absence

If the school has not been notified of your student’s absence by 9.00am, you will receive a text message from 0426305728 by 10am. If you receive a text message, you can reply to the message, providing your student name, year level and reason for absence.

3 or more days

If a student is likely to be absent for more than three days, parents/caregivers are to notify PBC in writing by text message or email stating the student’s name, year level, dates of absence and the reason for the absence.  A medical certificate (where applicable - see Assessment policy) can be emailed to or a hard copy taken to the Junior or Senior Secondary School Student Services.  In some circumstances, an exemption from schooling may be appropriate.  Where an exemption is approved, a student maintains their enrolment despite extended non-attendance.  The circumstances for which a student would be eligible for an exemption are listed below and parents/caregivers are encouraged to submit an exemption application to the Junior, Year 9/10 or Senior Secondary Student Services.

  • illness or hospitalisation (including recovery period at home) for a period greater than 10 consecutive school days
  • ‘carer’ responsibilities
  • diagnosed mental health condition
  • diagnosis of terminal medical condition
  • temporary interstate or overseas relocation where the family intends to return to Queensland.

Forms are available on the PBC website or upon request at the Administration Office.


What should I do if our family is going on a holiday in school time?

Regular school attendance will mean that your child has a better chance in life. Your child will achieve better when they go to school all day, every school day.  You are encouraged not to schedule holidays during school time. If your family circumstances dictate that your student must attend a holiday during school time, please let the Attendance Officer know the absence dates at least 2 weeks prior to the holiday.  Email the details to .  Parents/Caregivers should also consider the assessment policy and assessment calendars for any potential impact on their student’s assessment.

Entertainment App

Thank you for your continued support! There has never been a more important time to support us with our fundraising. 20% of every Entertainment Membership goes directly to our cause. 



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Dates to Remember

13 Oct

Year 10 Immunisations

13 Oct

Dance Excellence Showcase - Session 1 5pm, Session 2 7pm - both sold out - Will be livestreamed on Facebook

14 Oct

House Champion Assembly

15 Oct

Visual Arts Exhibition - Session 1 6pm, Session 2 6:30pm, Session 3 7pm, Session 4 7:30pm

16 Oct

PBC Alliance Breakfast – Industry Awards

16-17 Oct

AFLQ State Finals – Maroochydore

 20 Oct

P&C Meeting 

21 Oct

Year 11/12 Annual Awards Night - Will be livestreamed on Facebook

26 Oct

External Year 12 exams begin

11 Nov

Year 9/10 Annual Awards Night

25 Nov

Year 7/8 Annual Awards Night

Click the links below to hear the latest from PBC’s Wellbeing Team.

Senior Secondary Guidance Officer

Read the attached article for the latest information targeted to senior students of careers and pathway information.

Junior Secondary Guidance Officer

Attached is the latest article from our Junior Secondary Guidance Officer Anna Willis - Health Check: How to soothe yourself to sleep


We encourage parents/caregivers to email your student’s excellent recent achievements to us. These achievements can be in the arts, sporting, academic or community service. We would love to hear from you! Please email us at with details of your student’s achievement and include at least one photo, and/or any links to media articles that we can share via our Parent Newsletter, internal communications and social media.

QLD Motorcycling Titles

Congratulations to PBC's Anika Loftus, Yr7, who has competed in 3 Qld Motorcycling Titles in 2 different disciplines, of track/dirt track and speedway over the last month. Anika is the 2020 Qld Track & Dirt Track Motorcycle Champion in the 85cc 2/-150cc 4/ (11-U16) Girls class. Anika competed in the Qld Titles at Ayr Motorcycle Club in North Qld on the 3/4 October where she successfully defended her dual titles. She is ranked No. 5 in Qld for Track & Dirt Track in the 85cc 2/-150cc 4/ (12-U16) class where she competes with the boys.

Prior to this event on 12 Sept, Anika competed in the Qld U16 125cc Speedway Titles in Kingaroy where she placed 3rd with her brother and fellow team member of Team Loftus Racing in the Best Pairs event and 8th overall in the Solo event. This was a wonderful achievement as Anika has only started racing speedway bikes this year. Anika now successfully holds Qld Titles and podiums as a multi disciplined motorcycle racer. What an amazing talent! 

PBC Alliance Partner Focus - LJ Hooker Palm Beach

The PBC Alliance welcomes our newest Gold Partner LJ Hooker Palm Beach. LJ Hooker will be supporting Palm Beach Currumbin State High School students by contributing to the development of a new and innovative Online Learning Platform focussed on Wellbeing - to help students reach their potential.

You can find LJ Hooker listed in our PBC Alliance online business directory with some great special offers for the PBC Alliance community – Visit


PBC Alliance Business Directory

If you are looking to support our local businesses and local community when looking for a product or service look no further than the PBC Alliance Business Directory. All the listings are supporters of our students and local so please support those that support PBC.


Would your business like to support our students?

Become a Partner today. Visit

Thank you to all of our amazing and supportive 2020 Partners!

Bendigo Bank Tugun Community Bank Branch

Synergy Fitness

Aurora Training Institute

LJ Hooker Palm Beach

Southport Sharks

WHYse Choices

Veteran Mentors

Gold Coast United

Capital Pest Management

Stone Style

Currumbin RSL

Prestige Services Training

Inspire Physiotherapy

Firewire Surfboards

Tweed Seasports

Trade Glass

Real-Crete Brisbane

Rhys Wildermoth, First National Palm Beach

Griffith University

CHG Integrated Wealth

The Pines, Elanora

Woolworths, The Pines

99 Bikes, Burleigh

PFD Food Distributors

Esportif Management (Nash Dawson)

Bond University

Southern Cross University

Burleigh Bears Rugby League Club

Currumbin Eagles Junior Rugby League Club

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Fraser Financial Services

Wilson Haynes Law

Big Screen Video

Belinda and Stephen Phelan

Meatsmiths, Elanora

Palm Beach Surf Club


Shingleback Off Road

The Suns AFL Club

If you are interested in learning more about the PBC Alliance visit our website!


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Over the counter payments can only be accepted between 8:00am and 1:00pm on Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you can make payments via BPOINT from your invoice or statement or Direct Deposit.

Note** The Cashier's window will be commencing new trading hours from Monday 23 November in preparation for 2021.
OPEN Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 8:00am to 1:00pm.
CLOSED Mondays & Fridays

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SRS Fees

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Parents/caregivers experiencing financial difficulty can email ParentSupport

Payment plan options are available including Centrepay -a service to families whereby periodic payments can be made to the school or Direct Debit via credit card (monthly). Paperwork is available from the Student Services Office to activate either of these plans.

Saver Plus

Could $500 help you with high-school costs?


Support for Year 12 students

Year 12 students can now access a free phone, SMS and email service to help them navigate their education, training and careers option for 2021.

The School Leavers Information Service and the School Leavers Information Kit are available to this year’s graduates.

You can access the School Leavers Information Kit at the Your Career website and contact the information service by phone on 1800 CAREER (1800 227 337), by texting ‘SLIS2020’ to 0429 009 435 or by email at


Stay safe and positive online

Technology, apps and games are changing almost on a daily basis. If you want to keep up to date and help your child have positive online experiences, then check out the many resources available to you online. Visit the Cybersafety website for a range of advice and resources for parents and carers, plus information for primary and secondary school students. Visit the eSafety Commissioner’s website for parent webinars, guides to the latest apps and games, and more. And, don’t forget to follow the Department of Education’s Cybersafety Facebook page for the latest news and advice on cybersafety.


We the Differents — The importance of building self-esteem

Building self-esteem is important for long-term resilience and happiness of students. It helps them navigate tricky situations and gives them courage to pursue their dreams and goals. If your student or child could use support in this area, encourage them to check out this article on What you think matters.


New student free days added to Term 4, 2020

The last two days of the school year, Thursday 10 and Friday 11 December 2020 have been declared student free days. Schools will be closed on these days. View the updated school calendar