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19 August 2019

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19 August 2019

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Capra_Chris_Copy_.jpgAs you would expect in the middle of a term, PBC is an extremely busy place
  • Year 11s are only weeks away from their end of unit exams prior to commencing their Unit 3 course work next term
  • Gold Coast Eisteddfod is in full swing (Congratulations to the Jazz Night performers and Hospitality Students)
  • All Soccer Excellence Boys and Girls, Rugby League and AFL Boys and Girls teams have major state competition finals
  • Year 10 students select their senior pathway subjects
  • Year 12 OP students have their Core Skills Test coming up
  • Environmental Sustainability team secured 2 large grants, one for $10,000 and one for $30,000 and have commenced taking our commitment to the environment to the next level with the students
  • Debating teams have Gold Coast finals
  • “PBC has Talent” House Competition's Grand Final is this Friday
  • Bike Safety week is upon us! 

Influenza is still impacting on the school with record numbers of students reporting to the sick bay.  The current outbreak of Influenza spreads very quickly so we are encouraging students who are sick to remain at home until they are better.  In some cases it is taking students two to three weeks to recover.



Finally, congratulations to the three PBC students who displayed the ultimate dedication to the Optima Code and Reds Spirit in assisting a member of the community a couple of weeks ago.  More details are available inside the newsletter.  This is the second time this year our younger students have been amazing out and about in the community.


Preparing students for external assessment in 2020

The introduction of external assessment in General subjects is a key feature of the new QCE system. To give school communities a sense of what external assessment will be like, the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) has published sample papers on its website at: They're located in the Assessment tab on each syllabus page.

We will incorporate these sample resources in our teaching and learning program to help our students prepare for next year. In the meantime, students and parents are encouraged to view the sample papers.

An information sheet for parents and students is also available on the QCAA website.


Chris Capra
Executive Principal

CRICOS Provider Name: The Queensland Department of Education trading as Education Queensland International (EQI) CRICOS Provider Number 00608A

The Learning Pit

The Learning Pit by James Nottingham is one way to explain why more challenge leads to enhanced learning. In our rapidly developing world, it is essential that schools are developing in their students the ability to think. At the heart of facing a challenge is the Learning Pit - a visual representation of a process students can use to guide their way through problem solving, encouraging a deeper investigation of an issue. Learners are not in "the pit" when they have no idea, to be in the learning pit is to have many ideas that are as yet unsorted or understood. Learners must step out of their comfort zone so that they might discover insights that are meaningful and long-lasting. 

When a learner steps out of their comfort zone, they begin to wobble (just like when the training wheels came off). Learning and developing a growth mindset is all about, wobbling. If you are doing something that you can already do, then you are practicing, whereas learning requires you to step out of your comfort zone, to go beyond your current ability and try things that will make you wobble! Playing it safe by staying in your comfort zone and doing what you can already do will result in correct answers and completed work. So, encourage your children to take every opportunity to go beyond their current ability and be prepared to wobble. If your child is wobbling, then they are learning. If they are learning they will flourish!




Congratulations to the 100 Middle School students who received Optima Cards for 100% attendance for Semester 1. In Week 5 we had the pleasure to celebrate success at our Year level assemblies with 2 Hoyts Cinema movie tickets being awarded to Year 7 – Shaun Hastie, Year 8 – Evan Mackenzie and Year 9 – Joseph Hayward! Any student attaining our school target 95% attendance will be in the draw for the end of term movie tickets.  



Parent notification - Unexplained absences for full day absence

Parents/caregivers must notify the school and provide an explanation of a student absence by 9:00am on the day of the absence.  You are only required to use ONE notification method.

The priority for notification is:

  1. Text Message 0447 100 239 – provide student name, date and reason for absence OR
  2. Email – – provide student name, date and reason for absence


Optima Team

The Middle School Optima team are responsible for your child’s wellbeing at PBC and our key priorities are student wellbeing, attendance, uniform compliance, positive behaviours and student case management. Please contact the relevant staff if you have any concerns with your child.


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9


Mr Cameron Williams

Yr7 Coordinator

Mr Ryan Jessser

Yr8 Coordinator


Ms Kate Whitehouse

Acting Yr9 Coordinator

Dean of Students

Ms Donna Condon

Acting Year 7/8 DOS


Mr Paul Bullpit

Year 9 DOS

Deputy Principal

Mrs Wendy Wise


Guidance Officer

Ms Anna Willis


School Nurse

Ms Hilary Wilson



Parent Support

Adolescence can bring additional concerns for parent/caregivers. The following links can provide useful information for your child’s wellbeing.

Frenemies & toxic friendships: teenagers | Raising Children Network

Mindfulness for parents, kids and teens | Raising Children Network


Year 9 Work Experience

Thanks to the many parents and students who attended the meeting about Work Experience in Week 5. We were delighted with the interest shown.

All Year 9 students are encouraged to organise Work Experience for Term 4, Week 10 – 9 to 13 December this year. All Work Experience must be arranged using the correct process and forms, so that students are covered by the school’s insurance. 

Students are also encouraged to consider using their Work Experience as an opportunity to trial for a Certificate III Traineeship. The advantages for students of completing a traineeship in Year 10 include: 

  • 8 hours a week of paid employment
  • Build up your resume
  • Complete a traineeship without negatively impacting on valuable time at school during Year 11 or 12
  • Accumulate 8 points for the QCE -Queensland Certificate of Education
  • For those who hope to go to University, a Certificate III plus four General Subjects in Senior can be used as a VET Pathway to university.

Students considering a Traineeship should visit Mrs Sonia Shreeve in the Pathways Centre in Y Block to discuss employers who may be open to Work Experience and a 2020 Traineeship opportunity. The Pathways Centre is open every day before school and during Lunch 1.

All Year 9 students should: 

  • Be sure to collect a Work Experience Pack from the Middle School Office
  • Discuss options with their parents. Consider your contacts, your interests, future career options and opportunities.
  • Have an initial discussion with a potential Work Experience employer to undertake Work Experience in Term 4 Week 10. If they are willing, complete the Expression of Interest form (found in the Work Experience Pack). The completed form should be returned to the Middle School Office by the end of Term 3.

PBC will then make contact with the employer and start the process of completing formal agreement paperwork.

With 450 students seeking work experience at the one time, positions will be in demand. Students are encouraged to start this process now.


Optima Awards

Recently, special assemblies were held to honour our OPTIMA Award recipients. At PBC, every child has the potential to earn an OPTIMA award, be it through excellence in their academics, sport or cultural pursuits, their participation in Community Service, their consistent high standards of effort and behaviour, or their improved results. Approximately 30% of students in the Middle School received acknowledgement through the OPTIMAs, and we hope to see further students aspire to awards throughout this term.


Middle School Rewards

We know that students respond well to positive acknowledgement, not only through major awards but for small successes and actions in the classroom and playground. At PBC, we have various informal ways of rewarding students. In the classroom, teachers may hand out small prizes. More formally, teachers distribute OPTIMA Rewards, small tickets to acknowledge students being safe, respectful or a learner. Teachers will sometimes send home OPTIMA postcards to let parents know that their children have had a special achievement or success. At least 550 of these more formal rewards have been distributed in the Middle School so far this year, helping to create a positive, productive learning environment.


Planning for Success

We have already reached the mid-point of Term 3 and students are currently receiving feedback on their first rounds of assessment. It is valuable to support children to look for ways to improve, so they might reach their OPTIMA goals, recorded in their Student Planners. Are they on track? If not, what is it that they might do differently in order to achieve their goals?


Assessment Calendards

Parents are reminded that the assessment calendar is now published on the PBC website:

Students and parents should all make careful note of these important dates.

For Your Calendar 




Year Level

Set Plan Information Night

Tue 20 August


Year 10

SET Plan Interviews

Tue 27 & Wed 28 August

By Appointment

Year 10

QCS Exam

Tue 3 & Wed 4 September

All Day

Year 12

Year 9 into 10 Information Night

Thu 12 September


Year 9


Mindful Staff


This week our teaching staff took part in professional development sessions run by their peers after school. A large group of our staff opted to be involved in a Positive schools session. Positive education is an approach to education that draws on positive psychology's emphasis of individual strengths and personal motivation to promote learning and connection. Positive Education views learning as a cooperative process where teachers learn to respect their students and each student's input is valued. It also helps build resilience through mindful moments and taking brain breaks. The session explored building relationships, and gave teachers practical exercises relating to brain breaks and mindful moments that can be used in the classroom.



  • Shutdown commences for Year 12 students on Monday 2 September. All students will have a Maths exam this day.
  • Shutdown commences for Year 10 runs from Thursday 5 September to Monday 9 September.
  • Shutdown commences for Year 11 students in Week 10 Monday 16 September to Friday 20 September.
  • The Senior shutdown timetable will soon be published for students on the student  drive at school and will also available on the school website under Curriculum/Testing and Assessment ( )  Please ensure that your student has checked this and knows the date, time and room of all their exams.
  • Moving forward Year 11 students will commence the summative units for ATAR in Term 4 of this year and will have their first assessment for Unit 3 in the last week of Term 4. This will be a full shutdown in the week of 25 to 29 November.
  • In 2020 Year 12 and Year 10 students will have their exams and assessment due in the last week of each term (Week 10).
  • A reminder that all Year 11 students must have passed a Unit of English and Maths by the end of Unit 2. Students that do not meet this requirement will have to complete a VET certificate that meets the requirements of the QCE. This course will have a cost of $250.


Assessment Policy

  • Students are reminded that they must apply for an extension or change of date with the relevant Head of Department if they are going to miss an assessment. They will not be allowed to sit an exam before the rest of the cohort. Going on holidays before the end of term does not constitute a valid reason for an extension/change of assessment date. Please refer to the school Assessment Policy on the school website for more information and for copies of the Application for Extension and Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments form (
  • All 11 and 12 students are again reminded that they are expected to be passing at least 5 of their 6 classes to demonstrate that they are “actively engaged in learning" at school. Students must remain QCE eligible to stay enrolled; as such all students should be busy revising, studying and completing assessment tasks at the moment.


School Leavers

  • Senior students wishing to leave school and enter the construction industry may wish to contact the Gold Coasts Trades College regarding a Construction Apprenticeship Bootcamp. This course runs for 7 weeks and provides students with a Certificate I in Construction and industry work experience.
  • An electrical course (Certificate II in Electrotechnology) and an automotive course (Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation) will also commence early September.
  • Note that students must have left school to receive government funding to enrol in this course. Call 07 5669 9000 or visit for more information.


Year 10

Year 10 SET Plan Information Evening & Teacher Interviews

All Year 10 students and parents should be aware of the following evenings dedicated to Subject Selection and Senior Pathways in 2020/21.


Tuesday 20 August – SET Plan Information Evening
Audience: All Year 10 parents & students
6:00pm – 8:30pm – Hall + UV Block

Every senior faculty and subject will be present with trade displays, as well as all universities, trade colleges and external providers that offer real-life pathways to our student body. This evening is a must attend for all students wishing to remain at PBC in Year 11.

Year 10 parents should also be booking through the PBC Website a Parent Teacher Interview to select subjects for 2020. Information has been emailed privately and bookings can be made via the PBC website. Interview dates are:

Tuesday 27 August – 2:00-6:00pm
Wednesday 28 August – 2:00-6:00pm 
both held in the PBC Hall

As the Senior Assessment and Tertiary Entrance (SATE) of Queensland changed in 2019 it is important that all parents and students attend these evenings to ensure that students are in the correct pathways for Years 11 and 12. Under the new system there are no subject changes allowed once students have commenced Year 11. Please refer to the Subject Selection Guide on the school website under Curriculum/Senior School for detailed information on the units studied and the assessment for each subject.

ATAR students are reminded that they need to complete the QTAC My Path capabilities and select a draft study plan and bring that to their interview on 28 or 29 August; ( A reminder that My Path is not supported on Internet Explorer and that students should use Google Chrome.


Year 12

12 QCS exam

Year 12 QCS students will sit the Queensland Core Skills test on Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4 September. The students have had an extensive preparation for this test and we wish them well for this most important test in maximising their OP. A breakfast will be provided for all QCS students on these dates from 7:20am in the Trade Training Centre. All students are encouraged to attend. All students should by now have received the “Instructions to students” and signed a Statutory Declaration regarding the calculator they will use in the exam. Students are not allowed to use a calculator with a CAS memory unless it has been cleared and is in test mode. The school will provide all stationery required for the QCS exam except a scientific calculator or correcting tape.

Diploma of Business

  • Any Year 11 student wishing to enrol in a fast track Diploma of Business course should contact Mr McDougall. This course will be conducted at PBC within the school timetable and will commence in Term 4 of 2019 and will be completed by the end of Term 3 2020.
  • Prestige Services Training conducts the course at a cost of $1990. This is a very attractive and popular course due to the range of tertiary options that it provides to students. An information evening regarding this course will be scheduled later in Term 3.

Lots of exciting traineeship opportunities still available in the Pathway Centre Y Block for year 10’s in Term 3. Job boards will be updated regularly with new positions. Students can collect a registration form and apply now.

A variety of traineeships are on offer with a focus on business, hospitality, retail and tourism.

RSA Course: We will be holding a responsible service of alcohol course on 20 Sept. The course will be a full day 8:45am - 3:00pm at school in Y Block cost $35. Payable at student services. Students need to secure their spot with Ms Shreeve Y Block.

Dreamworld:  School based traineeships Cert 3 business working across a range of department roles in customer service, food and beverage.

Hospitality and Business Traineeships:

  • Gold Coast Wake Park – Oxenford
  • Jetboat Extreme Surfers Paradise
  • Cowch Dessert Bar Broadbeach
  • Finn Poke – Burleigh
  • Garden of Vegan Burleigh
  • Lakeview Café Burleigh
  • Goldmark the Pines
  • Burleigh Heads Surf Club
  • Prestos café Dreamworld - Coomera
  • Ambarella Fine Food Burleigh
  • The Fresh Bar – Broadbeach
  • Café Biaggi Burleigh
  • Paperbark Café Burleigh
  • PRA Psychology
  • Sunlight Drive Café Burleigh
  • Wendys the Pines
  • Bettys Burgers Broadbeach
  • IGA Currumbin
  • Subway Stocklands and James St Burleigh
  • Saltwater Currumbin
  • Coming Home Co. Robina
  • Zeus Robina
  • Zarraffas Tugun and Palm Beach
  • Lava Carts Robina
  • Crema Espresso Robina

Cert 3 Barbering Apprenticeship
Zepplin Barbers Mermaid Beach and Backbone Barbers Currumbin

Hairdressing Apprenticeships - Salons in Palm Beach, Elanora and Miami are all looking for school based hairdressing apprentices

Star Casino School based apprenticeship in commercial cookery available to students wanting to become a chef and kick start their career with Star Casino Broadbeach. Expression of interest form in Y Block

Casual jobs: Maries Pizza Various stores hiring now, student must be 14 – 16 years old for instore customer service roles or hold a P Plate licence for delivery drivers. Email Kirsten to apply,

School based vacancies links:

Ignite Education: 
Aurora Training Institute please visit their vacancy page: 
Prestige Training Services vacancies, Please visit this link for more opportunities 

There are more opportunities on the job boards. Please come into Y Block to register.

Love your current job? Would you like to turn it into a traineeship? Come to the Pathway centre and let’s see if we can create a traineeship for you in your current role. The Pathway Centre is open before school and first break to apply for any of the above positions.

Sonia Shreeve
Industry Liaison Officer

The Creative Generation Excellence Awards in Instrumental Music, a biennial event offering a residential extension program for up to 81 musically outstanding students (MOST) from Queensland state secondary schools. The 10-day program culminated in an exhilarating gala concert featuring the students performing alongside professional conductors in a range of ensembles. Loren Skyring attended the MOST Gala concert to watch and support Regan Hickey who was selected as the Bass Guitar player and percussionist, he did our school proud and it was a real treat to see Regan represent PBC alongside other exceptionally musically talented students across the State.

Creative Generation State Schools Onstage, Brisbane Convention centre. Congratulations to Year 12 Music Excellence student Regan Hickey (Bass Guitarist) and Year 10 Dance Excellence student Mia Beame (Featured Dancer) who were outstanding representatives of PBC and the talent we have here on the Southern Gold Coast at this spectacular.


Voices in Paradise is the Gold Coast a cappella revolution and an initiative between The Blenders Chorus and Griffith University. Voices in Paradise is known to attract the largest a cappella audiences in all of Queensland. This youth development event is a workshop and concert combined into a one day of quality education and world class performances by the best Australia has to offer. PBC Vocal students participated in the all-day singing workshop at Griffith University. They were trained by world renowned educators like the Velvetones (National A Capella champions) and showcased their final product for the community of a cappella lovers at The Arts Centre Gold Coast for a one night only concert.

PBC hosted another successful and lively Music Celebration Concert this term. Kayla Hart and Justin Hart organised hundreds of students, teachers and parents from across the South Gold Coast region (Currumbin State School, Palm Beach State School, Kingscliff Public School Tallebudgera State School, Elanora State School and Elanora State High School to name a few) to celebrate Music and community, special guest Ralph Hultgren (Composer and Trumpeter from Conservatorium of Music) provided feedback to the students, teachers and ensembles in preparation for the Gold Coast Eisteddfod.


60 Arts students travelled to QPAC, Brisbane to watch the award winning “School of Rock’  The Musical.

On Friday 2 August, students in the Synergy Wind Ensemble travelled up to Mt Tamborine to participate in their Annual Band Camp. The students worked hard, clocking 9 hours of rehearsal time and many hours of fun and team bonding. The ensemble rehearsed music for their up coming eisteddfod and began learning pieces like The Avengers for Under The Lights later in the year. The students and staff worked hard and the weekend was enoyed by all.  


The Instrumental Music Pre-Eisteddfod Concert went off without a glitch so thank you again to the IM Team and also Krissy Tassone and her Vocal Group who also performed on the night.

Year 9 Drama Excellence students attended QPAC to watch an Australian Classic, STORM BOY at Queensland Theatre Company.


127 dancers competed at the Beenleigh Dance Eisteddfod. The results were outstanding and PBC received

4 x 1st places

3 x 2nd places

2 x 3rd places

2 x Highly Commended.

Our Jazz Super team was awarded the highest scoring routine of the eisteddfod and PBC took the top performing school prize overall.


 ‘Jazz Night was held in Week 4, in Theatre, parents were treated to mocktail and live performance by International Improvisational Jazz Artists Rhiannon and Lawrence Hobgood. The evening was followed by a two course meal and performances by guest artists and PBC stage bands 1, 2 and 3 in the trade trading centre, thank you to our hospitality team lead by Tracey Maher and Andrew Goodman.


On Thursday 8 August the Vocal Group students travelled to HOTA to compete at the Gold Coast Eisteddfod and were professional both on and off the stage and performed exceptionally well.


Friday 9 August we hosted an International Jazz artist  Workshop with all music CAX students, vocalists and Stage bands. Students were treated to three sessions of Jazz Workshops with Lawrence and Rhiannon all seemed engaged and grateful for this experience which was not offered to any other school in Australia.

Our PBC School Musical has been cast and the leads have been selected and rehearsals are well under way – Save the Date! 19, 20 and 21 March 2020.

Eisteddfod season has now officially kicked off on the Gold Coast – watch this space for PBC Drama Festival, Dance and Instrumental Music results!

Cross Country / Track & Field Update

A great couple of weeks for the PBC Cross Country and Track & Field. 5 of our athletes went to Toowoomba in July to compete for South Coast in the State Cross Country Championships. Aspen Anderson (Year 7), Ethan Gray (Year 9), Starr Scott (Year 9), Mackenzey Ormiston (Year 11) and Samuel McAuliffe (Year 11). Aspen finished in 4th place so will now compete in the National Cross Country for Queensland. It was amazing that the PBC Cross Country Captains Mackenzey and Samuel were both asked to be the South Coast team captains, a real honour. Well done to our superstar cross country runners.

Regional track and field took place in Week 3. We saw some amazing results on both the track and the field. 12 PBC students performed well enough on the day to be selected to compete for South Coast at the State Track and Field Championships in October in Cairns. Samuel McAuliffe (3000m & 1500m), Ethan Gray (3000m & 1500m), Daniel Bray (2000m Steeplechase), Holly Canning (90m Hurdles), Lily Dobbie (100m Hurdles), Kiera Tufuga (shot), Aspen Anderson (800m & 1500m), Charlotte (800m & 1500m), Ruby (800m & 1500m), Starr Scott (800m), Tayla Moryta (800m & 1500m) and William Bella (shot). Good luck to these athletes at the state champs.


PBC Surfers dominate at the Qld School Sport Surfing State Titles

PBC surfers representing the School Sport South Coast team have come away victorious at the recent Qld School Sport Surfing State Titles. Held at Deadman’s Beach on North Stradbroke Island from the 1-4 August, the event attracted 90 competitors from six different regions across the state. The 23 person strong South Coast team was reinforced by 17 PBC representatives, all of whom surfed through the rounds to make the quarter finals or better.

In the u16 girls, California Barrett maintained her current form to walk away with 2nd place after an agonisingly close finish in the dying moments of the Final.  The u16 Boys division saw Matthew Boyle take victory after winning every heat he surfed on route to the Final. Ty Richardson placed 3rd in the same division and both boys teamed up to secure second spot in the Mark Richards (MR) ShieldRaya Campbell and Shaye Leeuwendal also claimed 2nd place in the u19 Girls MR Shield prior to Raya and Konatsu Ido paddling out and claiming the 3rd and 4th places respectively in the u19 Girls individuals draw. Joshua Boyle was not to be outdone by his younger brother, winning the u19 Boys division for the second year running. Jackson Graham secured 4th place in the Final and also teamed up with Josh to win the u19 Boys MR Shield – the 4th year in a row the school has won this division.

The results led the South Coast team to another victory as the champion region for the second year in a row. The results have also gained Joshua Boyle, Jackson Graham, Matthew Boyle and California Barrett selection into the QLD Junior Surfing Team that will travel to Margaret River, WA, to compete in the Australian Junior Titles at the start of December.

PBC Mountain Biking

For the last three years, PBC has provided students the opportunity to participate in mountain biking on Wednesday afternoons. This has led to certain members of the group taking on the challenge of representing the school in competition. Recently twenty of our students competed in the 2019 Australian National Schools Mountain Bike Titles held here on the Gold Coast. The competition comprises 2 disciplines familiar to cycling sports being the Cross Country and Individual Time Trial as well as the newly introduced third discipline and crowd favourite Gravity Enduro. For many of our athletes, this was a chance to transition their recreational love for MTB into the competition scene. For some of our more seasoned riders, this was there time to hopefully achieve goals set from the previous year.

Many of our students achieved personal bests, finishing with top ten or twenty finishes for their respective age groups across the three days, while others were able to gain great experience competing at this level and gaining valuable points for the overall school’s title. A special mention must go to two of our students Matt Mihelcic and Anais Prince who both took out gold and the National Title for the Gravity Endurance discipline with Anais also achieving a Bronze in the individual time trial.

Further to these results, the efforts of all students concluded the three day competition with PBC finishing 3rd out of 100 schools for the overall top Australian School Title for 2019. This is testament to the dedication and effort that both the students and their families have provided. A special thanks to all of the parents who supported over the three days. Your time and support for this group of amazing kids was greatly appreciated.

Click the links below to hear the latest from PBC’s Wellbeing Team.

Senior School Guidance Officer

We have created a page dedicated to the Senior School Guidance Officer with all the latest news regarding senior students and possible careers and pathway information. To catch all the latest information check out the Guidance Officer page.


Middle School Guidance Officer


School Based Youth Nurse News

We encourage parents/caregivers to email your student’s excellent recent achievements to us. These achievements can be in The Arts, sporting, academic or community service. We would love to hear from you! There are a number of ways you can let us know. Email us at, or message us through Facebook Messenger or Instagram direct message with details of your student’s achievement including at least one photo, and/or any links to media articles that we can share via our Parent Newsletter, internal communications and/or social media.


Touch Football

The Palm Beach Touch Football Club U18 girls team spent 3 days competing in the Qld Junior State Cup in Hervey Bay last month. The team is made up of current Year 11 Touch Excellence students. Teylar Ross, Malia Morgan, Isabella Lee and Hannah Glew. The girls made it to the grand final after being undefeated. The grand final was a match up against coast club rivals Gold Coast. Unfortunately the girls were defeated 7-5 in a tensely contested match. Congratulations girls on an amazing representative.


Eisteddfod - Vocals

Bayley Jacobsen and Zackary Hubbard recently won 2nd place at the Vocal Eisteddfod in the duo section. Bayley also competed in most vocal sections and was awarded the Paul Sharrat Trophy for overall Most Outstanding Vocalist in Contemporary/Musical Theatre 16-20yrs. What a great result! Well done to both students.


PBC Students - Nil Sed Optima

PBC were recently notified of a good news story where three of our Middle School students went to the aid of an elderly lady who tripped and fell while at The Pines.  The boys went to her aid helping her up and walking her home. They boys stayed with her until they were no longer needed (for about 20 mins!). Their kindness and compassion shown for this lady was hugely appreciated by her and her daughter and the story ended up on the local Palm Beach community Facebook page. Once the boys were identified we were able to acknowledge them and congratulate them on their fantastic example of community spirit. Congratulations Macca, Byron and Brody. When asked why they helped the lady, they immediately explained, ‘well that is just what you do.’ Fine examples of Nil Sed Optima, nothing but the best.



Rugby League

Congratulations PBC's William and Kaleb Smith who were both selected in the Queensland Rugby League U12 teams. Billy was selected to the Queensland Team and Kaleb was selected in the Queensland White team. The boys competed at the Rugby League National Championships. Both teams did very well and had to compete against each other in the Grand Final! It was a very exciting 20 All draw result. So joint winners. Queensland White were undefeated the whole tournament so took the gold medal home. Billy and Kaleb both showed great sportsmanship running on side by side but in different Queensland teams together to play the GF.  They both got to make the tunnel for Broncos at Suncorp stadium recently representing their Queensland team. Well done boys!




At the recent U15 School Sport Australia AFL National Championships, PBC's Jed Walter Year 9 was named in the All-Australian team. Having just turned 14, this is a remarkable effort against older boys. Jed was outstanding in every game, through his impressive workrate, taking contested marks and elite goal kicking. Jed was also awarded the Coaches Award for the Queensland team. Congratulations Jed!



Congratulations to PBC's Jai Murray, Year 7 who was selected to play at the AFL National Championships in Mandurah, Perth for the QLD Blaze U12 team. The Qld team performed well throughout the comp in wet and slippery conditions and ended up coming 4th overall. Jai was named MVP, Most Valuable Player for the QLD team. Well done Jai!

We Will Rock You!

Congratulations to PBC's Jazz Woodall (Year 9) a PBC Creative Arts Excellence student. Jazz has had a successful audition and has been casted for ‘We Will Rock You - Worldwide Tour, The Musical'. We Will Rock You will be staged in Brisbane in January 2021 and Jazz will be working very hard in boot camp sessions and rehearsals to prepare her for the standard required. What a fantastic achievement, Jazz's dedication, passion and work ethic has paid off. This is a dream come true for Jazz, who will now dance on the big stage along leading professionals.

Jazz also recently scored a whopping 93/100 and winning her tap solo at Evolution Dance Competition on the Sunshine Coast. Jazz now qualifies with all the top scoring dancers from around Australia to the National Finals. Well done Jazz! and good luck!



PBC's Kye Mills has just retuned from playing Basketball in Kuala Lumpur for South East Queensland being chosen from 60 boys to play. It was an intense and very different style of play and the team competed against universities! Kye's dedication and hardwork ensured he was valuable member of the team. Well done Kye!


Rhythmic Gymnastics

Congratulations to PBC's Sunny Bower, Year 10, who competed at the Rhythmic Gymnastics Queensland State Championships on Saturday 17 August on the Gold Coast. Sunny placed FIRST overall winning the event with 4 Gold medals for her rope, ball, clubs and ribbon routine. Sunny now prepares for the National Clubs Carnival in September 2019. These outstanding results are a credit to Sunny as she devotes up to 18 hours a week in training at the Elite Rhythmic Gymnastics Club! Well done Sunny!



PBC's Turtle Hero!

How great is PBC’s Mr John Costello! Featured on Friday's Seven News saving the turtles off our beaches. Click the link to see the story.

Here we go again.

PBC High School proudly supports Cancer Councils’ Daffodil Day in 2019

Cancer is the leading cause of death in Australia. This year Cancer Council estimates that 145,000 people in Australia will be diagnosed with cancer, with that number set to rise to 150,000 next year. This year 50,000 Australian’s will die from cancer – that is, almost 30% of Aussies diagnosed with cancer will die from the disease; so how do we reduced the death rate? We raise funds for research, and that is again this year, PBC’s commitment to Cancer Council and Aussies fighting cancer.

On 23 August, the students and staff of PBC will again create a sea of yellow by dressing up for a day and donating gold coins to support the Cancer Council’s most iconic and much-loved annual campaign - Daffodil Day, raising life-saving funds for world class cancer research. A time of hope: where we come together as a country to show our support for the 145,000 Australians diagnosed with cancer each year.

“Last year the students and staff of PBC supported Daffodil Day as it is a great cause and one that was very personal for a number of staff and students. Seeing the school in a sea of yellow was fantastic and the school community raised almost $1800 on the day. With the momentum from last year being so strong, the school community will again engage in Daffodil Day in 2019” said PBC Executive Principal, Chris Capra.

This year PBC hopes to raise even more money for research and treatment through this life saving charity. We know that every cent makes a real difference and our school community will dig a little deeper. Too entice donations, several major Queensland sporting icons have contributed to raffle prizes including team-signed jerseys from the Titans and Broncos, Rip Curl caps signed by our own number one world surfing champion Mick Fanning and ex PBC student, plus fast-track theme park passes and Gold Class movie tickets.  Also available on the day thanks to a bunch of great, fun-loving teachers will be freshly baked, yellow iced cupcakes to purchase at morning tea and lunch.

Last year PBC raised money to support Cancer Council’s Daffodil Day alongside their own Mrs Deb Reid, however Deb sadly passed away on 16 June 2019, one year after her cancer diagnosis.  PBC has a truly wonderful school community from Years 7 to 12 full of spirit, friendships, achievers and contributors and that is why together they will again support this charity and help make a difference to the lives of others.

Everyone is welcome to make a charitable donation this Daffodil Day, simply go online at

Erin Woods, PBC Student



Last week, PBC won the Seniors semi-final for Golf Coast Debating and are through to the Grand Final this Wednesday at Bond University. It will be a clash of the titans, State School v Private School - PBC v Somerset! This is the first time PBC have ever made it through to the final. Good luck REDS!!



International Assistance Dog Week

Did you know it was International Assistance Dog Week last week? Some of our Queensland state schools have dog in classrooms as assistance animals to support students with disability or for short-term educational activities for students. One of those assistance dogs is Kai! An Australian Shepard, who visited 7E  and helped increase student motivation and bringing smiles to all those he crosses paths with. Thank you Kai for visiting our students!


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Dates to Remember

20 Aug 6:00pm SET Plan Information Night
20 Aug 6:30pm P&C Meeting
21 Aug 8:00pm SET Plan Information morning (for those that miss the night)
22 Aug 6:00pm NZ Ski Trip Information Night
23 Aug 6:45am PBC Alliance Breakfast
27 Aug 3:15pm STEM Cup Competition
2:00pm SET Plan Interviews
28 Aug 2:00pm SET Plan Interviews
3 Sep QCS Exams Day 1
4 Sep QCS Exams Day 2

The PBC Alliance is a school initiative, offering local businesses, individuals and past students the opportunity to help Palm Beach Currumbin State High School support our students to achieve their full potential and help to build a local network of businesses, past students and community-minded individuals. If you are part of a local business and would like to join this community please get in contact. 

The PBC Alliance is committed to:

  • Creating opportunities for business promotion and networking
  • Enriching curriculum through local business support
  • Attracting work, apprenticeship, and work placement opportunities for students
  • Capturing additional financial, physical and human resources to enhance student activities and experiences.

Being part of the PBC Alliance enables our local businesses and past students to keep in-touch and promotes our pride of belonging in the community.


PBC Alliance Business Directory


If you are looking to support our local businesses and local community when looking for a product or service look no further than the PBC Alliance Business Directory. All the listings are supporters of our students and local so please support those that support PBC.


Thank you to all our Partners!

Thank you to Firewire Surfboards at Currumbin who have donated a number of boards to PBC's Surfing Excellence Program! The students got to test them out today. Thanks Firewire Surfboards for supporting our students in achieving their potential!  



Thank you to all our 2019 PBC Alliance Partners! The support of these amazing businesses, for our students, is hugely appreciated.


Uniform Shop


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For Internet banking please use the details below:

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SRS Fees

Make payments the quick and easy way using BPOINT. Visit, follow the prompts or phone BPOINT on 1300 631 073.

Parents/caregivers experiencing financial difficulty can email ParentSupport

Payment plan options are available including Centrepay -a service to families whereby periodic payments can be made to the school or Direct Debit via credit card (monthly). Paperwork is available from the Student Services Office to activate either of these plans.



Parents – have you registered for QParents?

Use QParents to stay in contact with our school and to access information about your child’s schooling.

Register today!

You can provide your 100 points of identity documents for registration online through QParents, or in person at your school.

If you have limited identity documents, or experience difficulties registering, please contact your school for help.

QParents is a great way to stay informed about what’s happening in your child’s school life


Saver Plus

Could $500 help you with high-school costs?


South East Region Music Office is the ‘Hub’ that supports 105 instrumental music teachers and 155 classroom music teachers across the South East Region. The Regional Music Coordinator and leadership team support teachers with coordination of workshops, camps, performances, wellbeing, corporate support, publicity and media coverage for our region’s music students, curriculum and pedagogical support and instrumental teacher placement.

The Instrumental Teachers in the region are allocated to schools to implement the instrumental music curriculum through lessons and ensembles. The overarching purpose of the instrumental music program is to provide students with the opportunity to become musicians and experience the expressive qualities of music through learning to play a band or orchestral instrument. Engagement in the program will improve the quality of perception and self-expression by fostering the acquisition of music skills, thereby increasing aesthetic sensibility, cultural awareness and social – emotional engagement. Through the lens of music, students are empowered to make sense of their world.

South East Region Music, Department of Education
Every Student, Every Sound, Explicitly!SER_Music_logo_Copy_.JPG




Mental Health Week

Tips for teens and parents. What to look for if you or your teen has depression, anxiety and how to maintain a healthy headspace.
Presented by Belinda Tessieri from headspace.
For Parents and Teens 12-17years

22 August
5:30pm - 7:00pm
Elanora Library

Book online on at
or phone 5581 1671


Police Community Consultative Meeting


You're invited!
To the next Police community consultative meeting –

4:45 for 5:00 PM start (NEW TIME!)
Thursday 22 August at the Currumbin RSL

*How Forensic Science beats the crooks!*

Guest speaker – Jason Cross , Senior Constable, Scenes of Crime Officer

We have all seen or know about CSI – now learn from a real expert, how Forensic Science defeats even the smartest criminals – don't miss out, this promises to be an intriguing insight!

Find out what's happening with law and order in your community, meet your local senior police and voice any concerns!

So, we invite everyone to come along 4:45PM for 5:00 PM sharp, Thursday 22 August at the Currumbin RSL and see how you can best help your local police, to help us!

Please RSVP:-, to help us assess the numbers, thank you!